Sunday, January 19, 2014

OOTD Box by Lyra Minn (Giveaway!)

I love to dress up, but most of the time I am just lazy to mix-and-match. Sometimes it's just about adding an outerwear, or a pair of earrings but I always spend a long time matching my clothes because I am not sure if the items I choose matches. I am a safe dresser and seldom experiment with my dressing even though I really wanted to. When shopping, many times I am tempted to buy everything on the mannequin and wear the whole outfit according to how the shop staff styled it. However, that costs a bomb and so usually it doesn't really happen.

Lyra Minn recently launched the OOTD Box, which is a a box that has contents that are specially picked to make up one outfit without you having to mix and match yourself.

If you read my blog, you would be familiar with Lyra Minn. Lyra Minn is an online female boutique based in Singapore since 2012. Besides FREE NORMAL MAIL for all items, low rates are also offered for international shipping. One good thing about Lyra Minn is the prompt replies and good customer service.

So anyway, back to the new launch, the OOTD Box by Lyra Minn. What's inside?

Outfit* + Bag/Clutch + Accessory + Beauty Products + FREE DELIVERY
*Outfit = 1 dress or 1 set of top & bottom. Occasionally with an outerwear.

Here's me unboxing mine yesterday!

For beauty items, I got a nail polish and a face mask. Other items that could be in, would be lip glosses, hand lotion, mascara, etc! For accessories, I got a pair of pretty pink and gold earrings and DREAM bracelet! What I love most is the bag! Outfit is a two-piece, consisting of a dress and pink outer.

I love every single item in mine and I wore it out! (The colors turn so saturated after I upload to blogspot! For better color, click on the photo!)

Here are some photos of the coordinates and contents of the OOTD Box put together by Lyra Minn:

You may view the sneak peeks on

You know what is the best thing about the box? It is VERY AFFORDABLE. If you went out and purchase a set like that for yourself, it would probably cost twice or more.

Regular price: $35

BUT! For my readers, you get it at only $25 per OOTD BOX! You save $10 off the original price! It's for a limited time only, so quick grab your items. Lyra Minn has a Live Chat system, so you can send in your enquiries if you have any.

Quote ESTHERXIEOOTD for the reader offer!

After wearing once, you can match using your own items for a different look. If you calculate it this way, the price is extremely good!

There is an OOTD Box Giveaway too!

Like and Share for a chance to win, it's so easy! I liked and share on my page already!

There are also normal "ala-carte" pieces besides the OOTD Box, and the Chinese New Year collection has just been launched earlier this week. Check it out!


***$25 Promo sold out! You can still purchase the OOTD Box at $35 each, which is still a very good price!***

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