Thursday, June 30, 2011

My facebook is disabled

My facebook kena disabled!!!

I've been reporting my faker for more than a year already (I think) and she was never gone. In the end I'm the one who kena first!

What kind of account status evaluation is that. Hello, isn't it obvious that I'm the real deal instead of that persistant faker?? Actually very easy to see if an account is real or not. How is it possible that if it's a fake account, so many friends tag me in their photos and allow me to tag them? How is it possible that I'm able to have real conversations with so many people??

Miyake told me that she kena disabled before too, and the reason is because our profile names do not match our real names!! How does facebook know that I'm born Esther Chia and not Esther Xie ah? Anyway, Xie is the chinese pronounciation of Chia, so I don't see why I cannot use Xie!

Plus, people knew me as Esther Xie for afew years already. Miyake said that it's a long process to getting back our account and they'll reinstate it with the real name, and won't allow for edits to the name. Wtf? Then if I use Esther Chia, so many people won't be able to find me cos they don't even know that I'm Chia!

Plus got so many people out there using "xxMichxx" or "KittyLove97" or "LuvBaobei1314", this kind how come never kena disabled!!!!

I'm doing the verification thingy now. It's very irritating cos I submitted twice already (once when I just found out and once this morning), and both times they say "You should receive an email response shortly. You may need to respond to it before we can assist you further." ~~~ Hello Facebook, I DID NOT RECEIVE THE EMAILS. What should I do now??? Where else can I find you if you don't send me an email although you say you would, TWICE????????

Super sian now cos it's so inconvenient that my facebook acc is not around anymore. When I need to find a particular picture I usually search for it on my FB as it's easier. Now I have to go through pages and pages of my blog just to find something. I'm not a heavy user for FB but now I cannot even RSVP to fidelis' bday party that is coming this saturday!!!! Lucky I have access to SX's account. I use it to do my stalking of other people for now. Hahaha.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vote for Millys!

Didn't have time to blog about my nails! This was last week's :D
Done by tina at Millys! Love the combination of color, plus gold glitter! Sweet~

Milly is nominated into several categories of Cozycot Beauty Awards 2011! Here's a step by step instructions on how to vote!

I love Milly's! Do you?

Monday, June 27, 2011



Top from

Above pictures taken some time ago, that's why my hair color is dark. Got lots of pictures coming up. Wait abit alright? :D

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I need a holiday!

I think I this year not fated to get out of the country -_-

Earlier this year, there was this $3 genting accommodation offer at one of the group deal websites. I saw that the hours to deal close is still 10 hours+, so I waited till I got home to tell my parents regarding it. In the end my father say okay go buy, THE DEAL IS SOLD OUT. T_T

My mum was always strict about me staying out overnight, even overnight camp also cannot. I only had one 1-night camp at school in Poly so far. And, she has already strictly emphasized a big NO to any overseas trips that I want to go with friends. All my trips to malaysia thus far, was with the family. Then, I had a chance to go Bintan with some of my friends. I tried my luck and asked her if I could go, and surprisingly, she said OKAY. I was like super happy. And then in the end the trip was cancelled due to some ticket mix-up... zzzzzz..

Then, my mum had wanted to go to Genting with my grandparents and actually asked if I want to go. Of course I said I want! In the end she changed her mind and say better for me not to go. WAHLAO :(

So that day, my mum asked me to go search see got what affordable holidays we can go as a family this year. There are alot of cheap phuket, bintan, bali kind of trips but mum says beach is boring and don't want to go. So in the end after much effort I finally convinced her to go Hong Kong instead of same old genting. And so, we planned to go there in September this year. Just afew days ago, she read the news and say that Hong Kong got new disease spreading around, cannot go already. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Now that Malaysia's custom is so messed up, I don't think we can even go Kuala Lumpur too.

I remember that still got afew almost-can-go-oversea-trip encounters but can't remember exactly what. Hmmph. I WANT TO GO HOLIDAYYYYYYYYYY.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My new domain

As you can see, I now have a .com blog!

Didn't know whether to use my real name Esther Chia or use my blogging name EstherXie, in which Xie is the chinese pronounciation of my surname Chia. Didn't like Chia cos it doesn't sound nice when pronounced and "Esther Chia" just looks like a plain boring girl. Ok, I somehow fit into that description compared to most of the other bloggers around, but behind the facade of my sweet calm little blog, I think my life is a messy drama - not necessarily a good thing. My dramas are the very bitter and damn suay type, not the exciting romantic kind. In other words, I'm the poor girl in period dramas where she gets thrown hurdles after hurdles non-stop, and not the lucky girl in idol dramas that get to float through complications smoothly with lots of luck and help and ending up with handsome male leads pouring her with lots of love. -_-

Oh well. What can I do right. If only my life can be made into a drama serial. At least I would be comforted by the fact that all these will be good substance for the script, quite worth it.

I used to display my raw emotions on my blog because it is a kind of release for me. But in recent years I don't like to pour my personal feelings out on this public platform anymore. There's just too much explaining involved and it complicates matters. Sometimes I still reveal a bit of feelings on my blog but it is kept to a minimum.

So anyway. I'm going through quite a tough period of time now and all I wish to do is just lay around and stare into space. But that will just bring me to another level of negativity so I'm trying to distract myself by going out with friends more. But this kind of happiness is temporary afterall. Hope I recover soon!

I want to move on from the current state I'm stuck in. I want to do the things I enjoy and I want to have the opportunities to do so (okay yada yada I think I ranted this many times before). Of course there are obstacles blocking my way currently and I do not have the ability nor know how to overcome them yet. Wish me luck! I just feel that currently almost all areas of my life is at its low points.

On to better topics, I'm in the midst of changing my blogskin! Like, finally. Still deciding what picture to use. That's something to look forward to I guess.

Alright, shall end here.

Now that my domain is and not anymore, I hope that people will stop calling me miracleseason outside and at events. Haha.

Friday, June 24, 2011



Accompanied Nadia and Jacelyn to sell our loots at Singapore Flyer Pit Building during one of the weekends.

Lucky SX came to help me carry the luggage! Damn heavy + need climb stair lol. Borrowed him for Nadia too! Useful boy useful boy. Haha.

Was so hungry by then so we walked over to Singapore Flyer to have lunch! Didn't know that the themed "roadside" foodcourt is situated there!

The floor is road and the design all very old style and interesting!

Plus, the food is all very good!
We had these:

Bakuteh. Very nice very nice! + Tauhu at the back.

Fried Prawn Mee

The oyster omelette also very yummy!

Sugarcane drink served in these flower cups.

+ my fave bbq wings... What a wonderful lunch! I want go there eat NOW.

Back to tend to the stall! Business was brisk, my best flea experience ever!

Ruoxuan came!

Three of us! We joined tables and basically sold as a whole. Looking forward to more flea events with them.

Lovely dress is from RiverVale by PDP (Polkadotpigs) at their KissJane outlet in Bugis Junction. Go check out other designs too!

Many other bloggers around too, including Celestina (havent seen her for a loooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnngg time!), Cordelia, and others!

See what I bought! A scrabble ring. Cute hor? Hehe.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cozycot Holygrail Fashion Awards 2011 - The Fashionable Lot

Hello people,

I'm nominated in Cozycot Holygrail Fashion Awards 2011 - The Fashionable Lot, together with several other girls including fellow bloggers!

Do help to contribute a "LIKE" for me just by clicking the button in this page:

Check out the other girls too! You may "LIKE" more than 1 :) Many thanks!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Clothes Buffet!!!!!

This Saturday (25 Jun), TheBlogShop in conjunction with the GREAT SINGAPORE SALE is having a special event at their Haji Lane flagship store...

A Clothes Buffet! Yes, for only $30, you can take your pick from clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, stationery, belts and much more! Of course, you can only take as much as your bag can fit! This is only a one day event with LIMITED SPACES so sign up NOW.

If you want to see sneak peeks of the types of designs that will be on sale, follow TheBlogShop on Twitter here. Here's a little something that I'm wearing from TheBlogShop.

Only limited slots available so SIGN UP HERE!! Include your name, IC number and handphone number, and TheBlogShop will provide you with further instructions.


25 Jun 2011 (SAT)
35 Haji Lane

See you there!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Short Hair

Short hair nice anot? :D
Lovely top from

Anyway, I just dyed my hair again haha. Will show you all picture soon ok!

This is Hilarious

Lol. Saw this today.

Someone else added on afterwards: "many ppl are sharing this statement..mydeal get foc advertisement...this is Not Bad...u can call me Not Bad, i dont mind."

Join in the fun HERE, if they have yet to delete :p

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekly Feature


Above is the Toga Midi Dress - A gorgeous and fashionable runway piece that will make you stand out from the crowd! Featuring asymmetric toga strap & drape detail.

In the new collection there is also ASOS Inspired Button Layered Top & Zara Inspired Skirt in bright & bold colours!

Free registered mail for purchase of 3 items & above!

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Very attractive GSS promotion going on!

Afew popular pieces are backorders but most of their items are instock, no need to wait! I always spoilt for choice when I see their wide variety of designs. Cool, cute, feminine, all have!!

Check out now!


Collection 6 is launched! Besides these two pieces below which are my favourite, there is also a 'Paris' top and pretty blue chiffon top!

I especially like this grey fringed top!


Many new collections updated! Check out this A1524 - Jeania Halter Neck Chiffon Dress.Smooth and silky soft material. It is slip-on, fully lined. Halter-neck. Stretchable bust and waist lines. Ribbon and frills flap. Premium quality.

Comes in Pink too!
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Check out collection 87! My mood always liven up when I go to their page because of the bright and cheerful colours! The pieces they feature are always pretty too!

Check out their GSS promotion for Mailing listees too! There is a grand draw of prize worth $200... Click on to read more!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cooking together

Let's Play Cooking!

It was a bright...... and rainy day.

HelloKitty top from TheBlogShop!

Tried walking to Loyang Point from home but it wasn't easy walking in the rain. Ended up flagging a cab. Hahaha ended up the mall seem quite far from home. I thought it was near, cos I remember walking there frequently when I was a kid! SX was super relieved lol!

Sourcing for the cheapest brands at Sheng Shiong. Lol.

Ended up we couldn't find all the items we need, so we went back to the supermarket at my neighbourhood to buy the rest.

His house got these 7 dwarfs figurines. When I saw it, he asked me: "You know where is Snow White?" then he pointed to me and said "There~~". Lol.

SX is the main chef of the day!

Cooking crabs for the first time.

Coat with flour~~

Deep Fry~

I am kitchen helper! I help to cut onion lol.

We bought pre-made black pepper sauce to fry. Haha play cheat one!

Final dish! The sauce was super good, me like!

We also prepared afew other dishes for steamboat. Me wrap wanton :D

Wrapping wanton is fun! I get to decide how much meat I want to give. Haha.

We bought 3 different types of veggies. There were so many choices, we anyhow choose!

I wrapped taopok with meat too.

Clams. His favourite, plus make the soup taste sweeter.

Hotdogs and luncheon meat are cheap steamboat items.


Sliced Pork.

Meat balls and fishballs.

Quail eggs and button mushrooms.




Fish, sotong and prawn. Nicely shelled by SX! Haha. Actually he did most of the unfun preparations.

This was the readymade-soup we used! Just pour it into the steamboat and boil.

Fed 6 people. Total expenditure was around $70+ $80+ I think! Lots of leftover in the end though, nextime should buy lesser.

Anyway, cooking together is not as romantic as I thought it would be. Those drama bluff people one!! I think next time he cook, I wait and eat better hehehe.