Thursday, June 30, 2011

My facebook is disabled

My facebook kena disabled!!!

I've been reporting my faker for more than a year already (I think) and she was never gone. In the end I'm the one who kena first!

What kind of account status evaluation is that. Hello, isn't it obvious that I'm the real deal instead of that persistant faker?? Actually very easy to see if an account is real or not. How is it possible that if it's a fake account, so many friends tag me in their photos and allow me to tag them? How is it possible that I'm able to have real conversations with so many people??

Miyake told me that she kena disabled before too, and the reason is because our profile names do not match our real names!! How does facebook know that I'm born Esther Chia and not Esther Xie ah? Anyway, Xie is the chinese pronounciation of Chia, so I don't see why I cannot use Xie!

Plus, people knew me as Esther Xie for afew years already. Miyake said that it's a long process to getting back our account and they'll reinstate it with the real name, and won't allow for edits to the name. Wtf? Then if I use Esther Chia, so many people won't be able to find me cos they don't even know that I'm Chia!

Plus got so many people out there using "xxMichxx" or "KittyLove97" or "LuvBaobei1314", this kind how come never kena disabled!!!!

I'm doing the verification thingy now. It's very irritating cos I submitted twice already (once when I just found out and once this morning), and both times they say "You should receive an email response shortly. You may need to respond to it before we can assist you further." ~~~ Hello Facebook, I DID NOT RECEIVE THE EMAILS. What should I do now??? Where else can I find you if you don't send me an email although you say you would, TWICE????????

Super sian now cos it's so inconvenient that my facebook acc is not around anymore. When I need to find a particular picture I usually search for it on my FB as it's easier. Now I have to go through pages and pages of my blog just to find something. I'm not a heavy user for FB but now I cannot even RSVP to fidelis' bday party that is coming this saturday!!!! Lucky I have access to SX's account. I use it to do my stalking of other people for now. Hahaha.

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