Saturday, June 4, 2011

Steamboat with Millys


Milly (her real name is Emily but I'm so used to calling her Milly so Milly it shall be haha) brought me to this steamboat place in Bugis, very nice! It's at the backlane, so it's quieter than those on the main lane like "tian tian". I always go to "tian tian" although it's not that nice. I also don't know why lol. So I'm kinda glad I found this new place!

We got the chicken soup and tomyum. Both was fantastic!

She tricked me into eat that white piece of thing lor! She told me it is something like clam but nicer. I don't eat clams and oysters and all that but I tried one. Ewwww, taste like oyster lor! Even though it's cooked, it still tasted like raw oysters. Don't know why people like to eat these stuff, got a very disgusting taste!

The rest of the food was good, but Milly wasn't in steamboat appetite so we only had very few rounds!

Her! She's always out of the country, finally managed to catch her afew so long of not seeing her.

Went elsewhere for coffee and chatted more :)

I like my dress that day! It's a mustard toga from :) Those booties are exclusive-manufactured pieces from!

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