Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cooking together

Let's Play Cooking!

It was a bright...... and rainy day.

HelloKitty top from TheBlogShop!

Tried walking to Loyang Point from home but it wasn't easy walking in the rain. Ended up flagging a cab. Hahaha ended up the mall seem quite far from home. I thought it was near, cos I remember walking there frequently when I was a kid! SX was super relieved lol!

Sourcing for the cheapest brands at Sheng Shiong. Lol.

Ended up we couldn't find all the items we need, so we went back to the supermarket at my neighbourhood to buy the rest.

His house got these 7 dwarfs figurines. When I saw it, he asked me: "You know where is Snow White?" then he pointed to me and said "There~~". Lol.

SX is the main chef of the day!

Cooking crabs for the first time.

Coat with flour~~

Deep Fry~

I am kitchen helper! I help to cut onion lol.

We bought pre-made black pepper sauce to fry. Haha play cheat one!

Final dish! The sauce was super good, me like!

We also prepared afew other dishes for steamboat. Me wrap wanton :D

Wrapping wanton is fun! I get to decide how much meat I want to give. Haha.

We bought 3 different types of veggies. There were so many choices, we anyhow choose!

I wrapped taopok with meat too.

Clams. His favourite, plus make the soup taste sweeter.

Hotdogs and luncheon meat are cheap steamboat items.


Sliced Pork.

Meat balls and fishballs.

Quail eggs and button mushrooms.




Fish, sotong and prawn. Nicely shelled by SX! Haha. Actually he did most of the unfun preparations.

This was the readymade-soup we used! Just pour it into the steamboat and boil.

Fed 6 people. Total expenditure was around $70+ $80+ I think! Lots of leftover in the end though, nextime should buy lesser.

Anyway, cooking together is not as romantic as I thought it would be. Those drama bluff people one!! I think next time he cook, I wait and eat better hehehe.

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