Sunday, June 12, 2011

Date with BF

"Food" Date

Supposedly a casual date with BF ended up like a eat-eat-eat date haha. Saw the 1-for-1 TCC promotion, so I suggested for us to eat there.

I had seafood aglio olio! It's nice, though the prawns was a little dry.

Chicken chop for him.

I went to do my nails at Millys later on, and then we headed down to Tiong Bahru to watch Kung Fu Panda 2. Not as funny as I thought it would be, but it's still an okay movie.

Was thirsty so I wanted to sit down for a drink.

Our huge cups of tea.

What kind of prata do you guys usually order? I like cheese prata!

See the cup really very huge right!

Headed over to Expo popular bookfair. Didn't find anything good to buy. Lots of cookbooks though, too many until I can't decide which to buy haha.

Saw this poem book. Lol. I took down the picture cos I remember asking SX to buy and say love poem to me everyday and I think he gave me a witty reply but I can't remember what.

Headed to the food fair next hall! My favourite item from such food fairs is this BBQ sotong!!! Fell in love with it at the previous or previousprevious food fair. Can't remember.

You can smell the fragrance from far away. I bought 2 at first, in the end bought 4 more!

But then now that I see this picture, the stall like very dirty hor??

I asked for the "body meat" part. Don't dare to eat the head and tentacles.

Chicken drumstick with rice balls. Quite nice :D

This kong ba bao usually attend these food fairs. Quite expensive compared to brandless kong ba bao, but nicer!

Fake Kong Ba Bao on display.

A frowny SX drinking soup.

& his laksa.

These heart-shaped nuggets were selling at $1 per box! Cute :D

Me and SX have already ran out on date ideas. We've already visited Zoo, Science centre, Sentosa, Build-a-bear, Brought our bear for bear-checkup, Escape, KTV, Cooked together, Fly aeroplane, Brunch, Prawning, tried stinky tofu, Played Kiapkiap machines, visited Chinese Heritage Museum, Chinatown, Singapore Flyer, went Changi Airport, massages, took Neoprints, visited farms, ice-skating, pulau ubin, arcades, and alot more.

Seriously, there's nothing else to do in Singapore if you have no budget. Can only eat eat eat.

Erm, okay, eat also need $.
Hello people, more date suggestions please?

Credit: Top from TheBlogShop.

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