Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One in one out

Isaac is going into army in 2 days.
Ben is coming out of it in 7 days.

So now we are trying to meet up as much as we can!

We went to Essensuals Bugis to trim our hair first. Was so hungry so we got some snacks to munch on.

Isaac's shoes with wings! It's transparent and I thought it was a blue shoe until he wriggled his toes. LOL.

Isaac is bored waiting for us...

Washed and trim. Smooth and untangled hair!

The stores were almost all closed by the time we were done. Anyhow decided on Nandos.

Everything that we wanted were out of stock! :(

Desserts time!

Everytime we meet our phone covers are different haha.
Isaac, Benjamin and Me!

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