Saturday, June 25, 2011

My new domain

As you can see, I now have a .com blog!

Didn't know whether to use my real name Esther Chia or use my blogging name EstherXie, in which Xie is the chinese pronounciation of my surname Chia. Didn't like Chia cos it doesn't sound nice when pronounced and "Esther Chia" just looks like a plain boring girl. Ok, I somehow fit into that description compared to most of the other bloggers around, but behind the facade of my sweet calm little blog, I think my life is a messy drama - not necessarily a good thing. My dramas are the very bitter and damn suay type, not the exciting romantic kind. In other words, I'm the poor girl in period dramas where she gets thrown hurdles after hurdles non-stop, and not the lucky girl in idol dramas that get to float through complications smoothly with lots of luck and help and ending up with handsome male leads pouring her with lots of love. -_-

Oh well. What can I do right. If only my life can be made into a drama serial. At least I would be comforted by the fact that all these will be good substance for the script, quite worth it.

I used to display my raw emotions on my blog because it is a kind of release for me. But in recent years I don't like to pour my personal feelings out on this public platform anymore. There's just too much explaining involved and it complicates matters. Sometimes I still reveal a bit of feelings on my blog but it is kept to a minimum.

So anyway. I'm going through quite a tough period of time now and all I wish to do is just lay around and stare into space. But that will just bring me to another level of negativity so I'm trying to distract myself by going out with friends more. But this kind of happiness is temporary afterall. Hope I recover soon!

I want to move on from the current state I'm stuck in. I want to do the things I enjoy and I want to have the opportunities to do so (okay yada yada I think I ranted this many times before). Of course there are obstacles blocking my way currently and I do not have the ability nor know how to overcome them yet. Wish me luck! I just feel that currently almost all areas of my life is at its low points.

On to better topics, I'm in the midst of changing my blogskin! Like, finally. Still deciding what picture to use. That's something to look forward to I guess.

Alright, shall end here.

Now that my domain is and not anymore, I hope that people will stop calling me miracleseason outside and at events. Haha.

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