Friday, June 24, 2011



Accompanied Nadia and Jacelyn to sell our loots at Singapore Flyer Pit Building during one of the weekends.

Lucky SX came to help me carry the luggage! Damn heavy + need climb stair lol. Borrowed him for Nadia too! Useful boy useful boy. Haha.

Was so hungry by then so we walked over to Singapore Flyer to have lunch! Didn't know that the themed "roadside" foodcourt is situated there!

The floor is road and the design all very old style and interesting!

Plus, the food is all very good!
We had these:

Bakuteh. Very nice very nice! + Tauhu at the back.

Fried Prawn Mee

The oyster omelette also very yummy!

Sugarcane drink served in these flower cups.

+ my fave bbq wings... What a wonderful lunch! I want go there eat NOW.

Back to tend to the stall! Business was brisk, my best flea experience ever!

Ruoxuan came!

Three of us! We joined tables and basically sold as a whole. Looking forward to more flea events with them.

Lovely dress is from RiverVale by PDP (Polkadotpigs) at their KissJane outlet in Bugis Junction. Go check out other designs too!

Many other bloggers around too, including Celestina (havent seen her for a loooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnngg time!), Cordelia, and others!

See what I bought! A scrabble ring. Cute hor? Hehe.

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