Sunday, June 26, 2011

I need a holiday!

I think I this year not fated to get out of the country -_-

Earlier this year, there was this $3 genting accommodation offer at one of the group deal websites. I saw that the hours to deal close is still 10 hours+, so I waited till I got home to tell my parents regarding it. In the end my father say okay go buy, THE DEAL IS SOLD OUT. T_T

My mum was always strict about me staying out overnight, even overnight camp also cannot. I only had one 1-night camp at school in Poly so far. And, she has already strictly emphasized a big NO to any overseas trips that I want to go with friends. All my trips to malaysia thus far, was with the family. Then, I had a chance to go Bintan with some of my friends. I tried my luck and asked her if I could go, and surprisingly, she said OKAY. I was like super happy. And then in the end the trip was cancelled due to some ticket mix-up... zzzzzz..

Then, my mum had wanted to go to Genting with my grandparents and actually asked if I want to go. Of course I said I want! In the end she changed her mind and say better for me not to go. WAHLAO :(

So that day, my mum asked me to go search see got what affordable holidays we can go as a family this year. There are alot of cheap phuket, bintan, bali kind of trips but mum says beach is boring and don't want to go. So in the end after much effort I finally convinced her to go Hong Kong instead of same old genting. And so, we planned to go there in September this year. Just afew days ago, she read the news and say that Hong Kong got new disease spreading around, cannot go already. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Now that Malaysia's custom is so messed up, I don't think we can even go Kuala Lumpur too.

I remember that still got afew almost-can-go-oversea-trip encounters but can't remember exactly what. Hmmph. I WANT TO GO HOLIDAYYYYYYYYYY.

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