Monday, August 31, 2009

Nose itchy. Now red like clown already :(

Life's getting a bit bland with nothing to look forward to. There's the FinalYearProject2 to deal with. It's so frustrating! && School's restarting in like 3 weeks time. Im totally dreading it. Well, one more semester and i'll be free from it - IF all my grades pass.

My finger is still rotting. When one area recovers, the infection spreads to another area. SX insisted on putting his medicine on it and the pain was unbearable when the liquid touched the wound!! Hope it recovers soon.

How i wish i could do a little escape holiday now. I really need it!

Yesterday, initial plan was to go to Escape theme park but it rained! It was wet weather for the past few days but especially warm today. Totally looking forward to the airconditioned bedroom later after writing this entry.

Watched Final Destination 4 at Ehub instead. Have u watched it? I actually think that Final Destination 1,2,3 & 4 have all the same storylines! Just different way of dying. Haha. I came out of the theatre with a new paranoid self though. Lol.

Now that my camera is missing, i got nothing to blog about already! Let me transfer some pictures from my handphone :D Some way overdue.

SX played the kiddy sand thingy with me. Hee, fun okay, only $5 and it can occupy you for like 30 mins. So worth it!

With June at the previous PCshow. This is like wayyyyy long ago!

My christmas present from an ex colleague Peter long ago. We drew lots and he got my name. Haha. Covered it with a blanket.

Speaking of softtoys, here are 3 pictures of my new baby carebear that i previously mentioned! Cute right.

Went to Milly's today to entend new hair! Already dyed it light brown. Show you all the picture next time, after i buy my new camera!

Wanted to pluck my eyebrows there as well but pengpeng is not there today. Shall go back again i guess! Last time i use the shaving method cos i scared plucking would be pain but ever since i tried hers, i think plucking is better! Last longer and actually not very pain!

Anyway, the acrylic nail extensions that i've done at her place the other time is still intact and havent break! Quite surprised, considering that im quite a chorlor person. Haha. Also very happy that none of the blings have dropped yet.

Make an appointment with Milly if you want to do your nails okay?

Go to for more details on their manicure services!


I think i will be doing up a new blogskin. Haha. This time shall be light coloured and more feminine!

Watching "fated to love you" these few days. Jumping from the earlier episodes which i missed to the later episodes (on tv) - which means i havent finished the middle part. I feel sorry for Anna! Cunxi loved her wholeheartedly for so many years, yet everything was ruined just because of a few incidents which lead Cunxi to fall for Xinyi. We're suppose to feel happy and sweet for Xinyi as it's like a cinderella story but then i couldn't help but feel uneasy and sad for Anna. She would never have expected such a thing to happen to her. She must have felt helpless :(

Anyway, mum's watching "liu xing hua yuan, Meteor Garden". The old chinese F4 version. While everyone else is watching the korean one! Haha. Like very nice sia, i keep getting distracted by her screen, i took so long to write finish this entry!

What a random entry anyway. Haha.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Went to take out my hair extensions today.

Realised that my own hair is already quite long already. But im still going to Milly's this coming monday to do super long ones again. Hee. Also going to dye my hair to light brown as well. Will be keeping it straight but maybe i'll try curling it when im free!

Anyway, i lost my camera! I still have it yesterday but couldn't find it just now. Maybe i drop it somewhere or misplaced it :( Super sad now. Dont know why this few days so much unexpected drama in my life. Like suddenly good suddenly bad suddenly good suddenly bad lor! Argh, really hope nothing major would happen again. That's why i say, one person can't have it all. I used to have really bad lovelife and everything else going at average luck. This time, while my relationship is still going well for now, i have super many frustrating matters in other areas!

If im going to buy a new camera, which one should i buy? Or should i stick to Canon 80IS, it's really good for me so far.

Ate seoul garden with Sx, Chris and Roxanne that day after a photoshoot.

This is the icekachang that me and sx made ourselves! Haha. Alot of ingredients inside. Very fun doing it but i made him eat it all himself cos i dont dare to eat it. Lol.

Im really afraid that by giving me everything that i wanted in my lovelife, fate would take away something else from me as well.

After that sudden incident a couple of days ago, i dont dare to have a peace of mind anymore. I feel scared all the time, and even when things are okay, i fear for anything that could happen the next minute.

Bless me.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

im blogging from phone because im wanna go lie on the bed soon. Very tired.

The past two days had been one hell of a nightmare. It was so sudden and made me feel so lost. i wont say what happen in detail because some things are meant to be kept private.

I've to thank arthur for coming down to help and also at the same time gave me some moral support. I would never have the strength to handle it on my own.

I used to always think; 'aiya, there is still another tomorrow' but now i know that not everything is definite. Unpredictable suayness do happen.

Was upset + worried lastnight but is in a super grateful and blissful mood now. It really feels nice to know that someone is willing to sacrifice and put down so much for me, and that i have some sort of importance and influence that others have tried but couldnt get.

SX is sorta fine for now, and im finally able to give my mind a rest.

Very sleepy though. Gdnight!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And the shopping spree didn't stop. After the project meeting this afternoon, me and fiona went to shop abit. Bought a highwaist dress, a black cardigan, a fringe dress from peggy's shop Signify (she mentioned i look different today cos i was in casuals and light makeup!), a pink wedge slippers, and a leopard print makeup pouch to replace my current pink furry dirty one. Would have bought more impulse buys if i didn't run out of cash and most shops didn't offer card transactions. A new webcam as well! So excited. haha. Well, im officially broke now omg.

The middle finger on my right hand is grossing me out. There's this open wound the size of 3 ten cent coins lined up, with pus and blood, and dead skin around it. It's so disgusting! No, im not gonna take a picture of it. It's scaring me out. Sx still dare to hold my hand. Ew. I dont know how i ended up with it. I guess i scratched it and some bacteria managed to get in. It's so painful now, i can't stretch my fingers properly. Gotta make use of only one hand for now.

Nuffnang was giving out tickets for The Proposal preview screening last week and i got a pair of them :) Brought Sx along with me.

Before the movie,
Sx said: "You must propose to me after the show okay".
Me: "No way."

Haha. The show was great, i like it. It's just a lighthearted comedy that everyone needs now and then.

After the movie, we ordered KFC, totally forgetting about the new nail extensions i just had. Luckily he offered to peel the meat for me so that i could eat it with the fork. Quite happy, cos he usually wont even want to eat chicken wings cos he hate dirtying his hands.

Ate ajisen the other night with him but i forgot when it was. The service sucks hell.
Oh and that reminds me of the pizzahut lunch i had with daddy and mummy. Tampines mall outlet had super poor service that day.

Ajisen's ramen is damn good.

mine is ChaSiew as usual.

Anyway, dont you all think JI BAOBEI, that little puppy on the show "fated to love you" is the cutest puppy in the world? It doesn't just look adorable, it has facial expressions! Like when Ethan Ruan is scolding it, it'll run to hide in a corner and sulk, when it's happy the eyes brighten up, and it practically acts like a human! It can even show frightened and terrified face!

You've got to watch her in the show. I just can't stop saying "aaaahh so cute!!" whenever it appears.

Her real name is MiuMiu. I dont really like or want pets, but if it's her i dont mind!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Had my first gym experience today.

Tried only 3 machines as the others look either too difficult or position ugly. Haha. Did the pedaling and running ones.

Will be going to the gym more, so that i can shed those extra fats off. Wont be doing too intense workouts as i dont want muscles. I just want to go back to my previous weight and size. Will have to eat blander and lesser food from today onwards. Wonder if i can keep up with this lifestyle. I love fried and salty food, but gotta forgo them for now.

Bought slimming tea as well! Dont know if it works, but oh well, just give it a try! If it really works, i show u all the picture of the teabox so that you all can buy it as well!

Had some sort of retail therapy spree this couple of days. Suddenly got urge! Haha. Each piece is not very expensive but when add up is actually quite alot. BUT, i never regret any of the purchase. All very nice!

Altogether i have like... 8 pieces of new apparel. Wheee can't wait to hang out with my girls so that i can wear these lovely pieces out - Acid print tube dress (cute!), grey toga dress, light blue lacey tubedress, casual black highwaist dress, white lace black high waist dress, floral dress (i've been aiming it for very long already!), checkered top with black vest, and a Cotton On printed bandage skirt! Love things from cotton on. Love many items on their rack.
And a new paper fan (haha $1 only! pink colour one.)
And a new blue carebear. Got diapers one damn cute lor. I think the bear and me was fated to be together. lol. Cos when i walk into the shop, i saw it looking at me with those "im so adorable" eyes that make me couldn't resist picking it up and cuddling with it. Afterwards, I found that i couldn't let myself put it down again. It was just super cute. Purchased it $15.95 (fiona gasped and wondered if im crazy!), then went into another shop and saw other carebears there selling 5 cents cheaper but all of them not as cute as the one i bought!

Went home and played with it for afew hours. Haha. Mum and Sister keep punching it. Grrr, they always like to bully the softtoys that i like one. Evil.

I think there's something wrong with my heart.
I dont really like animals and kids (as in i do find them cute but i dont really care about them), yet i have a strong love for cute soft toys. How could someone love something non-living so much?

Me is crazy.

Anyway, i knocked my little toe against a chair's leg today while having seoul garden with sx, roxanne and chris. Very pain :(

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Had Jack's Place with SX.

I love the lambchop there. Had the mixed grill, replacing the beef for bacon :) Also had sausage and chicken!

He had chicken cutlet. Boringgggggg. Haha.

Lobster soup.


He bought flowers and a bear for me.
6 Pink Roses. Love!
He had wanted to buy 9 roses but then the florist left with only 6. Haha. Asked him why pink, he said cos i like pink. The little purple and white flowers also chosen by him.

I love the wrappings, purple and dark pink colour combination. He chose the colours! What im happy about is that he has never given flowers to girls before cos he think very paisei. Lasttime even when his exs want flowers he wouldn't give but now he actually went to buy flowers to surprise me, im happy!

And the Bear. We are naming this one Bobo because the previous build-a-bear one is called BiBi. He said he felt super embarassing at the shop cos he was touching every single cute bear there trying to see if it's soft and cuddly anot cos he knows i only like soft ones.

Watched UP the movie as well. I like the little short animation of the clouds before the start :) However i got bored towards the middle and end of the story. Haha. Dont know why. But everywhere the reviews gave 5 stars. Maybe i no taste. LOL.

Did my manicure at Milly's!

Had acrylic extensions instead of gel because im very chorlor, they say acrylic will have less chance of breaking.

They gave me a book featuring all the designs and i was spoilt for choice! I didn't know whether i should go for cute, sweet, glam, dark, or light! In the end i tried putting everything together.

I had pink glitters, pink and white flowers + ribbons and lots of crystals!

Go to for more details on their manicure services!

Friday, August 21, 2009

I had been wanting to try making a personalised bear at the Build-A-Bear Workshop since 2 years ago but didn't have the chance to. Kelvin did it with his ex before so i didn't want to do it with him. After Kelvin, the other guy that i dated (was a lowkey-affair thingy so i didn't really talked about it here) was someone who would think it's boliao so i didn't mention it to him. And now im finally with someone who didn't do this before and is childish enough to play it with me. Haha.

SX and me went over to Suntec's one to build our first bear ^^

First, we had to choose the "skin". Chose a dark brown one.

After that, we were supposed to pick a "voice" for the bear. The kind that when you press the hand, the sound comes out. SX was supposed to record his own message for me but in the end i think his voice not nice so i chose the default one. haha.

Then the sales assistant (by the way, she's very very friendly, helpful and nice!), helped me put the recorded message in to the hand part and also asked me to step on something which will fill the bear with cotton. I had to do a hug test to see if it's cuddly enough for me. I choose soft cos i dont like hard teddies!

Time for the heart ceremony. This one made me crack up in laughter and ended up in tears. LOL. I dont know why.

I had to hold the heart on my hand, then SX have to put his hand on top of my hand, thus clamping the heart. Then we have to rub rub it, then make a wish. After that, i have to kiss the heart then SX have to kiss it too. After the "ceremony" is done, the sales assistant helped us put the heart into the bear, thus giving it a Life! Then she proceeded to sew the back of the bear for us.

Afterwards we had to scrub the bear here so that the bear will be clean! SX couldn't stop laughing.

Then we went to choose clothes for our bear! I personally think that the bear looks manly but SX have been dreaming for a daughter since a million years ago and he insisted on it being a girl. Haha.

We gave it a bathrobe cos i think it looks cute. Then i said i want it to wear panties too if not later zao-geng. Hehe, got a hellokitty panty for the little bear!

Dressing room! That's sx helping the bear wear her panty cos i found it difficult to wear. The bear has a big butt just like its mummy! Lol.

Like all newborn babies, we had to register a birth certificate for our bear as well :)

Before building the bear we had Ichiban for lunch.

He had Katsu with egg.

Teriyaki Salmon for me.

This tiger prawn cost $20. For ONE freaking prawn.

Had some time before our movie starts, so we went over to the arcade. I think he was slightly surprised that i managed to get most of my balls down the net. Hahaha im not that lousy okay.

After that was car racing. I won i won i won 1st place! LOL.

Then, something unbelievable happened. He brought me into the neoprint machines. Omg. Him? Pulling me to take neoprints with him?? Haha!

We had some fun with the drawing part. This is so "secondary-sch-days". It has been a long time since both of us went into a neoprint machine. Lol.

We were so caught up that we forgot we were 10 mins late for our movie.

Where Got Ghost. Out of the 3 stories, first one was okay, 2nd one was funny, while the last one was more meaningful. I like the last one best.

Afterwards we went over to tampines to buy his laptop. Suppertime! Went to a random coffeeshop for crispy chicken ^^

Craving for sunnysideup.

Listen to this song! Nice:
(xiao jing teng's wang fei- )

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