Monday, August 17, 2009


Look at the amount of food that SX is feeding me -_-"

1) PizzaHut

Chicken soup! Slurp!

Pizza hut's spicy drumlets are a favourite.

Trio Cheese Pizza. Love love love the warm cheese melting in the mouth.

And this! Crayfish Basil Pasta. It's unbelievably good i tell you. Too bad there's so little meat in a crayfish.

And the strawberry icecream desert!

Tell me, how can i not be fat after eating all this?

2) Ben&Jerry.

He bought a Ben&Jerry Cookie Dough for me as a surprise after he knows that i love the brand's cookie dough to death. Lol. My mood immediately brightened up after i was presented with the surprise cos i didn't know he remember!

Tell me, how can i not be fat after eating this?

3) Seafood.

Sweet & Sour Fish.

Seafood Fried Rice. Nice, but a little too much for 2 person.

Cereal prawns. Yums.

And fried egg with minced meat! My fave :D

Tell me, how can i not be fat after eating all this?

4) Ion Food Opera.
Was late already so only chicken rice stall and chapchyerice stall still open.

From the picture below, you can conclude that his choice of food is lousy. Hahaha. I guess he bought the prawns cos he thought i like all prawns (suaysuay i dont like this kind of prawns. haha), and bought the egg cos he thought i like all eggs (suaysuay i dont like cold sweet eggs).

The design is very nice and glam.

Love the lightings.

Tell me, how can i not be fat after eating all this?

5) Xinwang. Again.

Gongbao chicken.

Totally love wanton soup.

The roastduck is great.

Tell me, how can i not be fat after eating all this?

Not forgetting the number of mcwings i ate at macdonalds.
Tell me, how can i not be fat after eating all this?

Anyway, yesterday sx confessed to me about how he wasn't a very good boyfriend in his previous relationships, which somehow made me doubt him a litttttttle bit. Like the saying goes and i believe, "a leopard never changes its spots".

However, i'll have to agree that actually he has been very good to me, and i believe that action speaks louder than words. He had done quite alot of special things, which he had never done before and im actually a little moved by all those little sacrifices. I feel that i had a stand of priority in his life even though i didn't asked for it, and that's very important to me.

For example, he knows that i'll get jealous/angry/upset if he does this or that, and actually has the initiative to avoid doing those things. When i get disappointed because of the sins he had done in his previous relationships, he would do everything, even swearing upon two of the most important things in his life, just to assure me that he wont do it to our relationship.

However, i wont know if this is only happening because of the novelty of the relationship. Well, lets just hope for the best alright? :)

I'll just have to be careful.

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