Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wanted to blog a long entry today but figured out that i wont have enough time to upload all the pics before my laptop's battery run low. And thus, this little random entry!

Later i'll be at Milly's to do my nails manicure! So excited, make it sparkle ^^ I just blinged my phone again and this time the colour scheme is purple blings :D Recently in love with dark purple. Haha. Show you all the pictures nextime. I just finished blinging it this morning before rushing out for my exam. Some crystals already drop lor, guess i didn't glue properly.

Tonight im going to Nuffnang's movie preview screening "The Proposal". I'm sure it'll be a great show! It'll start showing in cinemas tomorrow :D

If you are going today with Nuffnang, dont be shock when you see my flabby arms k. It is twice the size of how it was one month ago. Gosh, i'll have to start my gym sessions soon. What sort of exercise should i do so that i can reduce fats but not gain muscles? I want reduce arms, thighs and tummy! I very upset lor, cos last time my tummy used to be quite flat but recently it's round and i couldn't wear alot of those pretty bodycon dresses! =(

Anyway, going home early tonight, maybe directly after the movie if SX is not hungry. Why? Cos tonight, when the clock strikes midnight, it would be the start of the Hungry Ghost Festival.

I scared :(

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