Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ethan Ruan, Mike He, & Food.
Which one you want? Haha.

Ethan Ruan is so perfectly cute. I doubt any girl in this world would be able to resist him. He's got the looks, the height(186cm! me love!), and the body. Gosh.

Come to think of it, i seem to be gushing over handsome and cute guys in the media alot. The sentence "wah-he-is-the-cutest-guy-in-the-world" has found its way out of my mouth too often. Well, there're too many cute guys in this world, i just can't decide who's my favourite. Haha.

Oh and mike he. His electrifying eyes. Im melting.

I love guys with sharp noses. It's just so intriguing.

Alright, enough about yummy boys.

Went to eat at Xinwang for mum's bday.

Drool away.

Im impressed by the Mango pudding. it's super nice!

Okay, im actually supposed to be dieting but it seems that i've been breaking the diet rule this two days. Gotta buck up!

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