Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And the shopping spree didn't stop. After the project meeting this afternoon, me and fiona went to shop abit. Bought a highwaist dress, a black cardigan, a fringe dress from peggy's shop Signify (she mentioned i look different today cos i was in casuals and light makeup!), a pink wedge slippers, and a leopard print makeup pouch to replace my current pink furry dirty one. Would have bought more impulse buys if i didn't run out of cash and most shops didn't offer card transactions. A new webcam as well! So excited. haha. Well, im officially broke now omg.

The middle finger on my right hand is grossing me out. There's this open wound the size of 3 ten cent coins lined up, with pus and blood, and dead skin around it. It's so disgusting! No, im not gonna take a picture of it. It's scaring me out. Sx still dare to hold my hand. Ew. I dont know how i ended up with it. I guess i scratched it and some bacteria managed to get in. It's so painful now, i can't stretch my fingers properly. Gotta make use of only one hand for now.

Nuffnang was giving out tickets for The Proposal preview screening last week and i got a pair of them :) Brought Sx along with me.

Before the movie,
Sx said: "You must propose to me after the show okay".
Me: "No way."

Haha. The show was great, i like it. It's just a lighthearted comedy that everyone needs now and then.

After the movie, we ordered KFC, totally forgetting about the new nail extensions i just had. Luckily he offered to peel the meat for me so that i could eat it with the fork. Quite happy, cos he usually wont even want to eat chicken wings cos he hate dirtying his hands.

Ate ajisen the other night with him but i forgot when it was. The service sucks hell.
Oh and that reminds me of the pizzahut lunch i had with daddy and mummy. Tampines mall outlet had super poor service that day.

Ajisen's ramen is damn good.

mine is ChaSiew as usual.

Anyway, dont you all think JI BAOBEI, that little puppy on the show "fated to love you" is the cutest puppy in the world? It doesn't just look adorable, it has facial expressions! Like when Ethan Ruan is scolding it, it'll run to hide in a corner and sulk, when it's happy the eyes brighten up, and it practically acts like a human! It can even show frightened and terrified face!

You've got to watch her in the show. I just can't stop saying "aaaahh so cute!!" whenever it appears.

Her real name is MiuMiu. I dont really like or want pets, but if it's her i dont mind!!

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