Sunday, August 9, 2009

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What an easy name to remember :)

The clothes found in this shop is so casual yet up to the latest trend.
TieDye, Union Jacks, Corset, Sailor, they have it all!

The price is ranged affordably, and the nagivation style lets you view everything all at once without having to click on one collection at a time.

This caught my eye.

They gave me a couple of floral pieces for me as well, and i think i'll be loving them! Floral one-pieces are such easy apparel to wear. Especially for a casual day out.

Enter this little humble store now :)


Have done an advertorial for them before, and now im doing a short one for them again! TokyoPink reminds me of feminine sugar sweetness.

They would be adding new arrivals to their shop tomorrow, so im telling you early to keep refreshing the site tomorrow.

If your style comes from japan magazines, then this shop wouldn't do you wrong :)

Uber sweetness.


Updated with their best collection so far. Laces, floral, elegance and cutesy.

This, my favourite.
I wore it when i went to the SMU flea, and loved it!

Here are a couple of what i think will sell off fast. Get your hands on them fast, because there's limited stock for every design this collection.

*comes in white as well. Love the gold studs that made it special!

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