Sunday, August 23, 2009

Had my first gym experience today.

Tried only 3 machines as the others look either too difficult or position ugly. Haha. Did the pedaling and running ones.

Will be going to the gym more, so that i can shed those extra fats off. Wont be doing too intense workouts as i dont want muscles. I just want to go back to my previous weight and size. Will have to eat blander and lesser food from today onwards. Wonder if i can keep up with this lifestyle. I love fried and salty food, but gotta forgo them for now.

Bought slimming tea as well! Dont know if it works, but oh well, just give it a try! If it really works, i show u all the picture of the teabox so that you all can buy it as well!

Had some sort of retail therapy spree this couple of days. Suddenly got urge! Haha. Each piece is not very expensive but when add up is actually quite alot. BUT, i never regret any of the purchase. All very nice!

Altogether i have like... 8 pieces of new apparel. Wheee can't wait to hang out with my girls so that i can wear these lovely pieces out - Acid print tube dress (cute!), grey toga dress, light blue lacey tubedress, casual black highwaist dress, white lace black high waist dress, floral dress (i've been aiming it for very long already!), checkered top with black vest, and a Cotton On printed bandage skirt! Love things from cotton on. Love many items on their rack.
And a new paper fan (haha $1 only! pink colour one.)
And a new blue carebear. Got diapers one damn cute lor. I think the bear and me was fated to be together. lol. Cos when i walk into the shop, i saw it looking at me with those "im so adorable" eyes that make me couldn't resist picking it up and cuddling with it. Afterwards, I found that i couldn't let myself put it down again. It was just super cute. Purchased it $15.95 (fiona gasped and wondered if im crazy!), then went into another shop and saw other carebears there selling 5 cents cheaper but all of them not as cute as the one i bought!

Went home and played with it for afew hours. Haha. Mum and Sister keep punching it. Grrr, they always like to bully the softtoys that i like one. Evil.

I think there's something wrong with my heart.
I dont really like animals and kids (as in i do find them cute but i dont really care about them), yet i have a strong love for cute soft toys. How could someone love something non-living so much?

Me is crazy.

Anyway, i knocked my little toe against a chair's leg today while having seoul garden with sx, roxanne and chris. Very pain :(

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