Saturday, August 1, 2009

Samuel saw me in the canteen a couple of days ago and asked why i look so sad nowadays -_- He said that he can see it in my eyes -_- I where got sad! Im 75% happy and 25% sad these days okay. It used to be the other way round!

Saw SX's past ezlink card, the picture was taken when he was still 15 or 16. Super shuai sia (like act cool act cool lydat. haha), so i confiscated it and kept it in my wallet.

Then yesterday when it was time for lunch i smsed him.

ME: Yay, foooodie time. HAPPY.
SX: Wa lao eh. Wan eat jiu happy. U muz say about 6 hours more can see mi already, VERY HAPPY. Hahaha
ME: No need lah, i now already looking at you from my wallet ler. Haha.
SX: No wonder i feel something looking at me. Lol.

HAHA. He's so nonsensical.

always bringing you great deals.

Milly is sponsoring me a 6-month slimming package :D

You can't see from my recent pictures, but actually i have grown fatter already! A pair of shorts that was so loose that it threatens to drop down everytime i wear it is tight nowadays! Damn depressing you know.

I think it's because of SX.
Ever since a couple of months back, i never had a chance to be really sad and everyday seem to be mostly happiness. That's why i just eat and eat and eat happily without caring about my weight. I think i gained 5 kg. Oh the horrors. And dont say i dont look fat from my pictures k, I had a hard time finding angles and cropping flabby arms. You can even spot my chubby face in some of the pics! Alot of people who see me in real life told me that i became fatter. Boohoo.

Milly's slimming package came along just in time. haha.

I went for 2 sessions already.
Both sessions are the same, except that i tried 2 different creams.

First, they would get me to undress *shy*, and put on tubes and disposable undies.

Afterwards they did my initial measurements, and then applied this cream on the parts which required slimming (tummy, arms and thighs!).

Afterwards, they wrapped me up in some plastic thingy and then covered me up under the thermal blanket and i was to lie there for some time!

I could feel heat running under my skin.

After the whole thing, they measured me again and i lost 1-2 cm off each part! :D Altogether is 10 cm off my whole body. (actually should be more but i stopped the heating way before the prescribed time)

First trial is only $38!

i think that this slimming package would be very suitable for people like me, who are too poor to go for those more atas slimming centres. What matters is the results isn't it!

Was given this home-kit to use on my own.

For more information, you can go to .

Had sushi and papaya juice after that :) Healthy!
(couldn't resist and had wanton soup after that. dang.)

New favourite drink!

Pokka's grape jelly. Nice nice! My previous favourite drink was FruitTree's blackcurrant juice because there are little pulp bits inside but recently the pulp bits got lesser and lesser :(

And so, now i change to this jelly drink! Love having something solid when i drink water. More fun! (that's why i love bubbletea cos i love chewing on the pearls! but then the slimming consultant at Milly dont allow me to drink bubbletea anymore T_T )

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