Saturday, August 15, 2009

Event showcasing Ted Baker's Autumn/Winter 09 Collection

Was invited to the TedBaker's show some days back. It was a super lastminute thing and i mass-smsed closer friends if they wanna come along.

Was supposed to go with Isaac and Alfred, but they gave it up the next morning -.- Boo. Roxanne was steady, love her! After some complications, i had all these friends from different cliques coming together with me using my name.

They all dont know each other -_-
Look how we are connected.

Amy - only knows roxanne and me.
Derick - only knows shimin, roxanne and me.
Shimin - only knows derick, roxanne and me.
Fiona - only knows roxanne and me.
Roxanne - knows everyone and me.
Celine - only knows edward, roxanne and me.
Edward - only knows celine, roxanne and me.

At a point of time, i felt like 4 people were trying to talk to me and i dont know who i should focus on first! Haha.

Before the event, i met up with roxanne for dinner first! She was exceptionally pretty that day because she bothered to dress up and makeup! Usually she would meet me with a bare face, spectacles and extremely casual clothes!

her spaghetti.

my seafood horfun. that day the horfun tasted different =(

And the very yummy mango pudding!

Camwhore time. Heh.

Went shopping after that and almost every single piece that i tried in the dressing room, Roxanne said it looks fat. Gosh, im already trying to slim down but results are not showing!

Cabbed over with fiona to Swissotel the stamford, where the event was taking place.

Waited at the lobby cos we were early. Saw a number of gorgeous ladies with never-ending long slim legs.

New asia bar.

We hung around the bottom floor first.

The ladies :)
Amy, Me, Fiona, Shimin, Roxanne, Celine!

Who was the photographer?? Blurry pic!

Sabrina :) She got so excited when i told her about the event. Lol.

Love this fringe dress, but i wore as a top.

While the others were chatting, i brought fiona up to the v.i.p area upstairs. So sorry to the others cos i could only bring one person up.

Had girly chat with a 71st storey night view.

SX came to fetch me home. Just as he called to say that he has reached, the fashion show started! Decided to let him wait. Haha.

Couldn't take better pics cos we were upstairs.

Personally i think that the view from the bottom floor would be better than the VIP's view from top. Left midway through the fashion show because SX called again. Saw june outside the hotel as well.

Found SX and went home together after that :)







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