Monday, August 31, 2009

Nose itchy. Now red like clown already :(

Life's getting a bit bland with nothing to look forward to. There's the FinalYearProject2 to deal with. It's so frustrating! && School's restarting in like 3 weeks time. Im totally dreading it. Well, one more semester and i'll be free from it - IF all my grades pass.

My finger is still rotting. When one area recovers, the infection spreads to another area. SX insisted on putting his medicine on it and the pain was unbearable when the liquid touched the wound!! Hope it recovers soon.

How i wish i could do a little escape holiday now. I really need it!

Yesterday, initial plan was to go to Escape theme park but it rained! It was wet weather for the past few days but especially warm today. Totally looking forward to the airconditioned bedroom later after writing this entry.

Watched Final Destination 4 at Ehub instead. Have u watched it? I actually think that Final Destination 1,2,3 & 4 have all the same storylines! Just different way of dying. Haha. I came out of the theatre with a new paranoid self though. Lol.

Now that my camera is missing, i got nothing to blog about already! Let me transfer some pictures from my handphone :D Some way overdue.

SX played the kiddy sand thingy with me. Hee, fun okay, only $5 and it can occupy you for like 30 mins. So worth it!

With June at the previous PCshow. This is like wayyyyy long ago!

My christmas present from an ex colleague Peter long ago. We drew lots and he got my name. Haha. Covered it with a blanket.

Speaking of softtoys, here are 3 pictures of my new baby carebear that i previously mentioned! Cute right.

Went to Milly's today to entend new hair! Already dyed it light brown. Show you all the picture next time, after i buy my new camera!

Wanted to pluck my eyebrows there as well but pengpeng is not there today. Shall go back again i guess! Last time i use the shaving method cos i scared plucking would be pain but ever since i tried hers, i think plucking is better! Last longer and actually not very pain!

Anyway, the acrylic nail extensions that i've done at her place the other time is still intact and havent break! Quite surprised, considering that im quite a chorlor person. Haha. Also very happy that none of the blings have dropped yet.

Make an appointment with Milly if you want to do your nails okay?

Go to for more details on their manicure services!


I think i will be doing up a new blogskin. Haha. This time shall be light coloured and more feminine!

Watching "fated to love you" these few days. Jumping from the earlier episodes which i missed to the later episodes (on tv) - which means i havent finished the middle part. I feel sorry for Anna! Cunxi loved her wholeheartedly for so many years, yet everything was ruined just because of a few incidents which lead Cunxi to fall for Xinyi. We're suppose to feel happy and sweet for Xinyi as it's like a cinderella story but then i couldn't help but feel uneasy and sad for Anna. She would never have expected such a thing to happen to her. She must have felt helpless :(

Anyway, mum's watching "liu xing hua yuan, Meteor Garden". The old chinese F4 version. While everyone else is watching the korean one! Haha. Like very nice sia, i keep getting distracted by her screen, i took so long to write finish this entry!

What a random entry anyway. Haha.

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