Friday, August 7, 2009

Heard this song on the radio this morning.
Mum used to sing it whenever friends come over to my house for ktv sessions :) i like the song!

王菲 - 容易受傷的女人

12点34分56秒, 07/08/09.
Such a special date, yet i passed the day mundanely in school -_-

* * * * * * *

ChainLove is constantly looking for models/aspiring-models for upcoming photoshoot events. (we have assignments every week, so even if you dont get the first few assignments, your profile will still be kept in our files for future opportunities as long as you had come down for our casting)

At least 15 and above.

Enthusiastic and hardworking.
Responsible for every assignment given to them.
No attitude problem will be tolerated.
No habitual late comers please.
Experience not necessary, although preferred.
Preferably free on most weekend mornings.

Please send the following details to
with subject title: MODEL-[Your name]

- 3 or more clear pictures of yourself (Attach to the email as picture format, not document format, i dont have time to download every single doc and open it).
- age
- height (not important)
- contact number (very important)

The pictures will be judged by a group of photographers, and if you are selected, you'll be sent for a testshoot casting some time within this few weeks. After the testshoot round, if you qualify, you will be given paid photoshoot jobs quite regularly depending on the response.

For more enquiries, can email too.

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