Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yesterday i was working halfway when i suddenly craved for sunny side ups. I casually mentioned it to sx and he immediately went into the kitchen to fry 2 for me. Haha. Actually he only fry one lah, another one is the chef fry for him cos SX's frying skill sucks. But still, his ugly egg tasted nicer than the one the chef fried =P

I think it's the most oily egg i ever ate. Lol.

My current favourite song, 体谅 by 许志安
It's so addicting. I can listen to it over and over again.

SX had a free day off from work and decided to wake up early to bring me to school and accompany me for breakfast :) I was having the Big breakfast craving for super long, finally can eat it already. Haha, it was the breakfast that pulled me out of bed early. If not for it, i'd have refused to let go of my comfy pillow. Lol.

He waited for me at the school library till i left school, and we went over to causeway point to walk around before our movie. Had Gelare!

Watched the movie Murderer.
I like the show!

Really love the story plot. The twist is just so unpredictable. Genius piece of storyline.

You gotta watch it if you havent.

I cut my fringe but no difference right! The person who cut it for me made it slanted and the left part is still poking my eye lor. Look so horrible in pictures.

Sx also cut hair already! Lucky he never cut alot, i dont think he would suit those short hairstyles.

& He's already planning a list of where to go with me for the next few weeks. Haha, lets see if i can survive this hectic week first anot!

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Alright, after the previous entry featuring some blogshops selling apparels, im now going to introduce a shop selling nail polish! It completes the look!

Estessimo TINS (from japan - VERY BLING ♥ )
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- new matte collection avaliable and also espana collection
- other blogshops usually sell at a starting price of $12 or more but here, it's selling it at only $11

- New matte topcoat. unlike opi where they have limited matte color.
for this topcoat you can use any brand of color and just finish it with this essie topcoat and you will have a matte color polish.

other brands include ChinaGlaze, Misa & colorclub .

-FREEBIES will also be given for the top few who buy the most.

- there will be nail art tutorial from time to time where everyone can learn how to do their own nail design instead of paying for more outside. Useful isn't it?

I like the variety offered, some really special, difficult to find in retail shops around singapore! Go have a look now! http://www.purplelicious-star.blogspot.com/

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