Sunday, August 2, 2009

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Europhialley just updated!

This new collection is oh so sweet :D
My favourite piece goes to:

Add this biker jacket and it looks even better!

Many other pretty pieces, including 2 bareback lovelies!


He's really unexpectedly sweet. Aaaaaaahhhhh ^^

Just saw something amazingly cute! Me and my sister were at this random shop when we saw this kid chair. I felt tired so i went to sit on it! Then sister came to join me after knowing that it wont break (tmd, use me as testing tool). She got up before me and there was this "beeeep" sound. At first i thought is cos she too heavy then compressed the air in the seat's cushion that's why will got sound, then i realised that it's something inside the cushion that is making the sound.

Sis thinks that it's very useful. For example, if you are a mum, you can order your kids to sit on the chair and not move around. Then you go into the kitchen to prepare dinner. If you kid tries to stand up from the chair, there will be a beep sound and you can go: "hey kid, dont think i dont know you stood up from your chair! Sit back!"

Haha. If im the kid i'll irritate my mum everyday by pressing on the seat again and again giving the continous "beep beep beep" sound. =x

Went to visit Arthur at SGH.
SX came along. The registration process became damn troublesome because of H1n1. It has been quite some time since i last saw arthur.

Arthur mentioned that SX look better in real life than in pictures. (actually most people like that say also ). If SX knows about this he sure damn happy one -_-" Haha. Everytime i take his pic, in real life the angle very nice but in picture totally different.

Went to have dinner afterwards. Was super hungry!
Walked along this stretch of seafood restaurants realising that they all sell the same things. LOL. in the end chose this one that has less people.

Chose window seat. Told sx that "eh we eating nightview dinner sia, so romantic hor."(cos outside dark dark mah), then he replied "got seaview somemore leh" (and the "seaview" he is referring to is the big drain -.- )

Ordered Eggyolk prawn! LOVE LOVE LOVE salted eggyolk prawns. But this one not very nice lei :( $18 for 6 pieces, but none of us wanted to snatch the last piece cos not nice. lol.

Sweet and sour pork.

Wanton soup! Must drink more soup cos i always get water retention.

"take picture properly!"


Really feel like going on a little holiday, or escape this town for awhile but lazy to plan. lol.
Lacking of fun recently. Wish the school holidays come sooner.

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