Friday, August 21, 2009

I had been wanting to try making a personalised bear at the Build-A-Bear Workshop since 2 years ago but didn't have the chance to. Kelvin did it with his ex before so i didn't want to do it with him. After Kelvin, the other guy that i dated (was a lowkey-affair thingy so i didn't really talked about it here) was someone who would think it's boliao so i didn't mention it to him. And now im finally with someone who didn't do this before and is childish enough to play it with me. Haha.

SX and me went over to Suntec's one to build our first bear ^^

First, we had to choose the "skin". Chose a dark brown one.

After that, we were supposed to pick a "voice" for the bear. The kind that when you press the hand, the sound comes out. SX was supposed to record his own message for me but in the end i think his voice not nice so i chose the default one. haha.

Then the sales assistant (by the way, she's very very friendly, helpful and nice!), helped me put the recorded message in to the hand part and also asked me to step on something which will fill the bear with cotton. I had to do a hug test to see if it's cuddly enough for me. I choose soft cos i dont like hard teddies!

Time for the heart ceremony. This one made me crack up in laughter and ended up in tears. LOL. I dont know why.

I had to hold the heart on my hand, then SX have to put his hand on top of my hand, thus clamping the heart. Then we have to rub rub it, then make a wish. After that, i have to kiss the heart then SX have to kiss it too. After the "ceremony" is done, the sales assistant helped us put the heart into the bear, thus giving it a Life! Then she proceeded to sew the back of the bear for us.

Afterwards we had to scrub the bear here so that the bear will be clean! SX couldn't stop laughing.

Then we went to choose clothes for our bear! I personally think that the bear looks manly but SX have been dreaming for a daughter since a million years ago and he insisted on it being a girl. Haha.

We gave it a bathrobe cos i think it looks cute. Then i said i want it to wear panties too if not later zao-geng. Hehe, got a hellokitty panty for the little bear!

Dressing room! That's sx helping the bear wear her panty cos i found it difficult to wear. The bear has a big butt just like its mummy! Lol.

Like all newborn babies, we had to register a birth certificate for our bear as well :)

Before building the bear we had Ichiban for lunch.

He had Katsu with egg.

Teriyaki Salmon for me.

This tiger prawn cost $20. For ONE freaking prawn.

Had some time before our movie starts, so we went over to the arcade. I think he was slightly surprised that i managed to get most of my balls down the net. Hahaha im not that lousy okay.

After that was car racing. I won i won i won 1st place! LOL.

Then, something unbelievable happened. He brought me into the neoprint machines. Omg. Him? Pulling me to take neoprints with him?? Haha!

We had some fun with the drawing part. This is so "secondary-sch-days". It has been a long time since both of us went into a neoprint machine. Lol.

We were so caught up that we forgot we were 10 mins late for our movie.

Where Got Ghost. Out of the 3 stories, first one was okay, 2nd one was funny, while the last one was more meaningful. I like the last one best.

Afterwards we went over to tampines to buy his laptop. Suppertime! Went to a random coffeeshop for crispy chicken ^^

Craving for sunnysideup.

Listen to this song! Nice:
(xiao jing teng's wang fei- )

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