Saturday, August 22, 2009

Had Jack's Place with SX.

I love the lambchop there. Had the mixed grill, replacing the beef for bacon :) Also had sausage and chicken!

He had chicken cutlet. Boringgggggg. Haha.

Lobster soup.


He bought flowers and a bear for me.
6 Pink Roses. Love!
He had wanted to buy 9 roses but then the florist left with only 6. Haha. Asked him why pink, he said cos i like pink. The little purple and white flowers also chosen by him.

I love the wrappings, purple and dark pink colour combination. He chose the colours! What im happy about is that he has never given flowers to girls before cos he think very paisei. Lasttime even when his exs want flowers he wouldn't give but now he actually went to buy flowers to surprise me, im happy!

And the Bear. We are naming this one Bobo because the previous build-a-bear one is called BiBi. He said he felt super embarassing at the shop cos he was touching every single cute bear there trying to see if it's soft and cuddly anot cos he knows i only like soft ones.

Watched UP the movie as well. I like the little short animation of the clouds before the start :) However i got bored towards the middle and end of the story. Haha. Dont know why. But everywhere the reviews gave 5 stars. Maybe i no taste. LOL.

Did my manicure at Milly's!

Had acrylic extensions instead of gel because im very chorlor, they say acrylic will have less chance of breaking.

They gave me a book featuring all the designs and i was spoilt for choice! I didn't know whether i should go for cute, sweet, glam, dark, or light! In the end i tried putting everything together.

I had pink glitters, pink and white flowers + ribbons and lots of crystals!

Go to for more details on their manicure services!

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