Thursday, August 13, 2009

Many many pictures for this post!

National day was a family day for us :)
Woke up around noon and proceeded to pray at the temple before cabbing back to Pasir Ris Park for cycling! It has been so long since the four of us did this. We used to fly kites and cycle, picnic, then go fishing/prawning all that. Hahaha, roxanne found it shocking that i can actually cycle. To her, im the kind that have to hide indoors in aircon room and will grumble when out in the sun one. LOL, im okay with messing up luh, im not so prim and proper actually.

Bicycle rental shop! My sis laughed at me cos the 3 of them all had big bicycles, while i chose the slightly lower one cos im not so tall -.-

Passed by afew horses. Realised that their tails look like hair extensions. LOL. Some wavy and natural, others look like they've been rebonded. Nextime if Milly stop sponsoring me and if i too poor to pay for hair extensions, I'll go to this place and use their tails =x

blonde ones also have!

Stopped for a drink. Refreshing icecold greentea!

Returned the bikes and took a bus back to interchange and from there we cut across Pasir Ris Town Park to get to Ehub.

Time for dinner at Sakura Buffet Restaurant.

Sashimi spread. Daddy is happy.

Ginseng Chicken Soup. I had two of these :D

Blackpepper chicken hotplate.

Doumiao! Very nice.


Some fish. Forgot the name.

Dory Fish. Yum!


Chicken Chop.

Lamb chop.


That's not all! I ate even more than all these just that i didn't take pictures. Haha.

Longan syrup.

Mini cakes.

Icecream with pretty toppings!

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