Saturday, August 30, 2008

Worked with Christina at the Career Fair quite some time ago.. That crazy girl. Hahaha.

A jumble up of the pics of two days. :)

Got sabo-ed to 'host' at the stage.

I look fatter on screen! Hate widescreens :(

Haagen Dazs!

Didn't know she loves to take pics as much as i do.

Hohoho.. Actually all the same poses.
Resting at Food Republic. I like the food republic there. Although limited choices of food, the milk tea was great! I like the design and the cheongsam table cleaners too. hee.

Boyfriend came to accompany me.

Lots of Christina pics here cos i love taking pics of her! She always have many expressions. Haha.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I did the stupidest thing ever last night. I was walking to my door while messaging benjamin (typicalben), he said something nice and i got too excited i said "yay" and even before i finished my yay, i had to stop.

Guess why?

Because while saying yay, my hand which was holding the handphone, smacked right on my mouth! It was super painful and i thought my teeth was going to turn jiggly and drop! Luckily that didn't happen and it was only the lips that bleeded.

Blah. It sounds so stupid. Haha.

Anyway! I wanted to blog about this yesterday but got too lazy.
Day out with nadnut &
behind the scenes at the previous photoshoot:

Was suppose to meet her at 11am.
Woke up at 10am - too late to rush.
Smsed her say i just woke up, will be late.
Changed our meetup time to 12pm.

By 12pm, i was still at home. I wonder what i was doing that made me so late!

I reached our meeting place at 1pm.

Luckily she had the photographer to accompany her, or else i think she would kill me. Haha. I had several photoshoots with this photogrpaher in the past and the pics turned out good, so i brought nadnut along to have some shots too. The photographer also doubles up as a fun friend :)

Cafe Cartel.
The Food Sucks.

Many people have told me that but i was thinking: "how bad can it be." When i finally tasted it, it's really bad.

The baked rice was as though they forget to put salt or other seasoning. It's like rice, chicken on top, put a piece of cheese, and bake. Totally bland taste leh! Rice was more like hard and dry.

I dont know about her fish rice but she seems happy. Makeup afterwards and due to studio not being available that early, we went shopping! With the photographer grumbling while tagging behind us. lol.

Stopped for Popiah. The two of them cheated me into eating one piece. they said it wasn't spicy, but actually it is VERY SPICY. Aaaaahh.

Finally for the photoshoot!

Candids by Nadnut.
Eyemakeup done by myself anyhow-ly! Haha. Using nadnut's mac black eyeshadow.
Nadnut's turn! She was a good poser :D

Contact lens or spects better? ^^

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sponsored Advertorial:

Had a photoshoot with one of my favourite photographer at a studio afew days ago! Nadnut tagged along to do some shoots too :)

Had lots of fun, but i shall blog about that another day.

Pictures of the clothings i modelled in!

1) First piece was this! I think it will look cool with a black thick belt and a pair of oversized cool shades!

( Look at how short my legs are in this pic! Reveals how short i am already. Boohoo. )

(this pic below was candid so my face was horrible looking. Cropped it off!)

2) Second lovely piece is this! Also nadnut's favourite, it pronouces femininity!

I love the flowery design that is so girly, but yet not overdone.

Im loving it ^^

3) The last piece is my favourite piece out of the lot! Because i have short legs, this short mini dress makes them look longer! I love how sweet the dress is! Little flowers and lovely details at the top and bottom.


(i love this picture)

If you are wondering where to get these lovely pieces, you can get them from !

Not a livejournal shop but the layout is somehow like it. I love the neat way they list their collections and how we can look at all the pieces just from the cover page. I just viewed their recent collections and afew pieces caught my eye. I want!

Another thing about this shop is that they are so professional, you dont have to worry about non-proffessional mannerism from them. Even their pics are taken by real photographers with dslr and models in studios! Look at how much hardwork they put. It's not just afew clothings dumped into a website.

Although it seems like all the pieces i chose spells sweet, there are still a wide variety of styles available if you dont like being sweet. Maxi dresses, elegant, glam, florals, simple, plain, they have it all!

One fun shot to end this entry!


I think i look super funny up there. Hahaha.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shitty day!

Everything seems to go wrong and i can't control my temper!

Many friends have told me that I seem like a really nice person, ignorant and easygoing, but actually im someone with a very terrible temper! I get irritated and angry at the slightest imperfection or when things dont go my way! Sometimes i pity my boyfriend cos he's always the one i throw my temper on. Im lucky that he is understanding enough. Hmm, today has been such a bad day, probably because im very sleepy and tired out. My eyes are swollen and im really growing fatter.

Blah. Wondering how to get that extra fats off my tummy and legs. It's terrible looking! And i think i better get some rest and sleep soon, because my facial skin is ruining. Pimples are popping out and the area under my eyes are drying. Hair was in a bad shape recently, and brain seems to be crashing.

I've so much to blog about! Wait for it alright?
Love you readers! :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hey people! Know my silver transparent bag which i bought some time back? (i can't be bothered to dig up the picture so if you remember, good. If you dont, nevermind.) I had actually intended to buy the gold version but when i got back to the stall it was gone, and so i bought the silver one.
And that day while shopping with nadnut i saw the GOLDEN one at another stall!! And it's 2 bucks cheaper than what i paid for the silver one! I hesitate about buying it cos i already have the silver one, and i walked away after thinking that i dont need to have 2 bags of the same design.

Guess what, i totally regretted not buying it! it's fabulous! But somehow i dont dare to get bags/accessories that are golden. Haha. They can look elegant, but if you are not suited for it, you'll turn out auntie. And seems like im those sort that can only stick to safe colours and designs. *Sad*

But still, im extremely happy about my new pink bag! I bought it at the Tangs Sale, so it's much cheaper that the original $40. Nadnut was super envious of it, cos she had wanted to buy it some time ago but didn't.

*happy* I love it so much although the colour doesn't match with most of my clothes. Haha.

Anyway, here's a reason why you should love reading my blog. Because from time to time, i'll feature my pretty babes! Saw Jessica at a shoot at clarkequay that day.

Pretty eyes!

She has super many personalities! Let's show you some!

My favourite picture of the whole lot. Pretty Jessica!

Sweet and cheery.


Cocky. LOL. This girl LOVES to do this! She does this everytime we meet -.-" Haha.

She can be scary at times!

and lastly~

I love my hotcakes to have lots of butter. Yum!

Macro effect on my camera.

Macro the cup and blur out my face!

Chairs. Chains. What are you thinking?

Boyfriend says i become fatter liao! Scared until this few days even hungry also dont dare to eat lor!

Alright. That's all.
Boo, i've been wasting too much money on cabfares already :( I wanna have Comfort Cab's membership fee! I ought to have 30% off every trip cos im always using their services! Heh.