Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hunger and overpriced food!

The lobby was huge. However, this wasn't the best hotel around Genting. There are bigger ones, but they are all ulu and scary. We used to stay in the bigger hotels, but we all find there scary. Not a soul to be seen. This hotel is better, nearer to all the entertainment, and there's always people around.

Was hungry and settled at the nearest cafe.

Totally regretted it because the food is definitely overcharged for their quantity, and most importantly, quality. They taste worse than what we have in Singapore. I also realise that Genting sells WonTonMee like they are abalone noodles. This bowl of noodles was around RM14 i think.
Only the chicken is edible here.
And this! RM10 for this plate of wings - without the drumlets!

Up to the Hotel Room.
There were only 3 pillows for 4 of us, so sis and mum began a pillow-snatch. hahahaha. I've it down in video. Will post it up after i finish with all the parts of Genting Trip.

my face can't be seen, but it's alright.
I realised that i caked on too much foundation that day :(

The model here is very pretty leh *wheeets.

Cupcorn, with lots of butter! I dont care whether butter is fattening or not. It taste great!

McFlurry! More expensive in Genting than Singapore but we still bought it anyway. It was RM6++ there.

You will realise that i'll be wearing this pink jacket in all the pics i have in this Genting Trip. It was terribly cold there! In the past years it wasn't very cold, but this year it was super super cold! Mist everywhere. I prefer it to be sunny (but cold) though.

And this is only half of the first day at Genting!
To be continued...

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