Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shitty day!

Everything seems to go wrong and i can't control my temper!

Many friends have told me that I seem like a really nice person, ignorant and easygoing, but actually im someone with a very terrible temper! I get irritated and angry at the slightest imperfection or when things dont go my way! Sometimes i pity my boyfriend cos he's always the one i throw my temper on. Im lucky that he is understanding enough. Hmm, today has been such a bad day, probably because im very sleepy and tired out. My eyes are swollen and im really growing fatter.

Blah. Wondering how to get that extra fats off my tummy and legs. It's terrible looking! And i think i better get some rest and sleep soon, because my facial skin is ruining. Pimples are popping out and the area under my eyes are drying. Hair was in a bad shape recently, and brain seems to be crashing.

I've so much to blog about! Wait for it alright?
Love you readers! :)

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