Monday, August 4, 2008

I heard from the radio this morning that in the world, every two strangers are connected by an average of 6.6 people. Means for example:


Yay, so that means im somehow connected to JAYCHOU :D

When i told boyfriend this, he replied saying that "Everyone Is."

Wahlao, i was so happy until i forget that actually Everyone would be connected to Jaychou if i was :(

Went to Geylang the other night to research for a project. As arthur was quite familiar with the place, he brought me there so that i wont get lost.

First up, CheeCheongFan at this stall!

It's super yummy! It doesn't taste like the usual prawn cheecheongfan. I love the sauce~! Try finding the place. haha. I dont know where it is cos he brought me there by bike.

After that, we went to have Frog's porridge at Lorong 9! Although it was kinda spicy, i still like the frogmeat. It seems like i kept grabbing every piece of frogmeat while Arthur ate the porridge kelian-ly. Hahaha.

This stray cat kept making me have illusions about it brushing against my legs -.- I saw another cat chasing it! Huo Gai !

Went to Lorong 12 to 'visit' the prositutes after that. Some were quite pretty leh!

I also dont know why im blogging about this.
Anyway, here is my final essay that i submitted.

Title: Beyond the Red Lights.

Geylang - a place better known as Singapore’s red light districts. The dark lanes, rushing traffic, smell of durians and long beautiful legs.

My friend tried to test my resist for temptation. I thought I could fight the urge but the moment the body was placed in front of me, the appetizing fragrance was too much for me to handle and I could not hold back from pouncing on those luscious flesh.

In case you are about to flip to the next page because you are very faithful to your wife and not interested in anything that means betraying her, I was actually just talking about delicious frog legs.

Forget about Hainanese Chicken Rice, Rojak and Chilli Crab. This unique frog dish is definitely something you would not want to miss.

It is no secret that Geylang serves many famous frog porridge along its numerous lorongs. If you want to try this special dish, I recommend the one at Lorong 9, because it is three thumbs up.

Nothing attractive about the stall’s exterior. Just like a normal stall with coffee shop tables spread along a back street, it looks just like any other stalls that you would not glance a second time. But if you are not afraid of the humid outdoor weather and the little stray cats, you would be on the right track to a great supper under the night sky.

Service-wise, do not expect restaurant-like service because you are not paying for any service charge. However, it is decent enough and the waitress is friendly, smiley, and generous at giving you some of her time to recommend the right portions and customers’ all time favourite dishes.

Although the waiting time was not long, the short period of time before the food came was a torturous process. Just looking at the people’s pleasing look on their face when savouring the dishes would be enough to make you wish a million times that yours would come sooner.

The porridge and frog is served separately, in pots. For two hungry men, I recommend a medium pot of porridge ($3) and 2 frogs ($8 each). You may save on the porridge and get a small pot instead, but never save on the frogs – it’s the star.

The porridge is normal, just like what your mum cooked for you back home. You would have to mix it with some of the frog’s sauce, and presto, yummy porridge.

You can call for a side dish – sliced you tiao which costs only $1 for a basket. It will help you break away from the sweet taste of the frog for awhile. If you want, you may do it the traditional way of dipping a slice into your porridge and eat it soft.

As for the frog, you just have to pick a piece and relish it in your mouth. Soft, bouncy fresh flesh, you are bound to love it. It is a little spicy because of the spices in it, but acceptable enough for people who do not like eating chilli.

Other dishes are also available on the menu, but I did not try any because I was too busy with my frogs. After all, frogs are the stars tonight isn’t it?

Just reading this mouth-watering article is not enough. You have got to really try it yourself to be convinced! Trust me, you would never regret it.

The stall is opened for business everyday from the early 1145am to late 345am. Frogs are waiting for you there.

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