Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Genting Trip Part 3 - Buffet Dinner!

Soup with Bread. Enough to make me full.
Fish curry. Loves!
Sotong and Lamb. Guess why it's all spicy? Because these are all from the malay section. The buffet restaurant boast of asian's different cuisines.
Meegoreng and veggies. The meegoreng was too spicy to my liking.
Chicken! and Tofu!
Chicken Rice :)

Time for desserts.
You can see that i didn't eat much for this buffet dinner. There wasn't much to choose from...

Mum's super desserts.
I took a watermelon and a orange. And when i got back to the table, guess what mum said?
"help me take 5 watermelons!"

me, sis and daddy ended up laughing at how much she can eat.
The desserts are mostly chinese desserts, and i dont like them.

Panda. haha.

A picture! OLD HAIR.
Can't help but admiring these lights. So beautiful!

Had a go at some of the games before falling on our hotel beds.

Strepsils for the sorethroat.

The next GentingTrip entry would be about the 2nd day already! :)
To be continued...

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