Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finally a day that i can rest at home and finish up things that i've yet to do because of my hectic schedule.

It has been such a long time since i slept till after noon! Such a good thing to be able to cuddle with my pillow as much as i want and no need to be dragged out of bed by daddy's early morning naggings for me to get out of bed.

Found the wife song from the movie "money no enough 2":
jia hou

It's the lyrics that is touching:

Finally had time to sort out my Genting photos! It was in June, and i dragged till now to blog! =x


Daddy and mummy upgraded our seats to massaging chairs. However, the massage sucks. It's like vibration which gives you headache. But i love the other facilities like the games and movies.

Unlike other coaches where your space is affected when the person in front of you change the seat to lying down mode, this one doesnt. Each person has their own large space.

Didn't play much games. Watched plenty of movies though.

There is also this foldable table that you can put your food on.

Also this slide thingy that can be pulled down in between the seats in case you are seating with a stranger.

Sis and me were thinking of many possible ways you can use it. For example, if someone wants to hit you, you can use it to protect yourself!

Stopped by for a simple lunch.

I like the chicken rice there.
Into the bus again!

Up the mountain! Round and round and round.

Reaching Genting soon! See the clouds?

And that's just the beginning of my little holiday. To be continued ....


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