Monday, August 11, 2008

National Day was filled with hectic activities.

Woke up early in the morning to finish a project that was dued 6pm that day. Boyfriend came to my house to wait for me. No, he came to whine that im going to be late for the movie. Haha.

Finished the essay just in time and rushed to suntec in a cab. Even did the makeup on the journey!

Caught "Money No Enough 2". Boyfriend bought the sofa seats again. Comfy! I refuse to sit the normal uncomfortable seats ever since he started buying sofa seats. Lol. I think for just afew dollars more, the sofa seats are really much more worth, and there's even a coffee table to rest your legs!

I only know about the sofa seats in Suntec's Engwah Cinema. I dont know about other places.

Spot Fidelis and Winnie in the show!


*potential spoilers ahead. Highlight to read*

OMG! Such a tough choice to make :(
If it were you, would you choose to give the blood to your mum or your daughter?

I think that if you think about it logically, should be give daughter since the mum doesn't have much days left anyway. However, if you think morally, should be fillial to the mum! You can always have a new daughter, but will never get a new mother.

Aiya, i also dont know how to choose.

I love the "wife-song" when the wife of marklee went to jail! So nice.. But i can't find the songtrack anywhere online.. I dont even know the title of the song. Anyone of you have the title?

Oh ya oh ya! The part about "mickey mouse red bra" and "ni chi bao ler mei yo" was super funny! I kept laughing like siao.

*end of potential spoilers*

I think the girl in the show who acted as the daughter of Jackneo is super chio!

After the movie, we went for dinner at
Ministry Of Food -
My Izakaya Japanese Restaurant

The only reason why i entered the restaurant was because i was craving for chawanmushi! Yummy!


$24 set. The seafood toji is super good, but the chicken katsu was alright only.


I forgot mine is how much already. But im glad i didn't make the wrong choice!

The fish was superb! Soft flesh and great sauce.

The meat was hot throughout the meal because of the fire underneath. Unlike dry fried kaarage in most japanese restaurant, the chicken was soaked in some yummy sauce. I love it!

Me and boyfriend was very impressed with the soup! Instead of the usual green leaves, we had egg in our soup. Very very nice. I drank it all.

Boyfriend was very impressed with this restaurant. Me too!Photobucket

Desserts! I forgot the exact name, but it's a strawberry icecream/sundae. Sweet and a perfect dessert.

The service was also very good! The tea was topped up many times, the service staff were friendly and quick with our requests.

Definitely going back there again! Boyfriend even signed up their membership card for me :D


We ate until we forgot about fireworks! Stepped out of the restaurant and caught afew last blasts.

Went over to WCG and chatted with winnie for awhile before going home to cuddle on the bed. Tiring day!

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It may not be a fancy blogshop like those that you usually see around, but their clothings are definitely great choices!

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