Monday, August 18, 2008

Im so tired out!

Schedule had been really packed recently and i dont even have enough time to sleep. Blah. Now i want a spa and massage holiday.

Was at clarkequay yesterday morning for a shoot, and while finding my way, i went up a spiral of staircases at the mrt station.

I went round and round and round, up and up and up. After many rounds of climbing the stairs and seeing no doors no sunlight, i began to feel scared. I remember ghost stories about climbing neverending stairs. I was in a bad luck yesterday morning and feeling quite down, so i really convinced myself that i was that suay to be climbing a neverending staircase! Ya, because the staircase looked totally the same no matter how much i climbed! I was really afraid that the staircase wouldn't stop, or lead me somewhere scary, so i u-turned and went back down.

As i went down, i was still afraid because what if when i go down, it's also neverending?? Aaaahh.

But finally i got back to the mrt station lah. Pffffttt. I shouldn't have decided to save on cabs :(

Anyway, yay! Watching table tennis is fun, especially when my own country is competing! The whole family was sitting in the tv lounge last night watching the table tennis olympics game, and all of us has not even bathed after a long day out!

It was super exciting, watching the scores. I like to watch this kind of game because the scores jump faster and it's fast paced. I hate watching games that scores dont change even after 30 mins.

Yay for Singapore's Silver medal!

I found this from Cruz's blog, all the similar flags in the world. Somehow interesting!


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