Thursday, August 28, 2008

I did the stupidest thing ever last night. I was walking to my door while messaging benjamin (typicalben), he said something nice and i got too excited i said "yay" and even before i finished my yay, i had to stop.

Guess why?

Because while saying yay, my hand which was holding the handphone, smacked right on my mouth! It was super painful and i thought my teeth was going to turn jiggly and drop! Luckily that didn't happen and it was only the lips that bleeded.

Blah. It sounds so stupid. Haha.

Anyway! I wanted to blog about this yesterday but got too lazy.
Day out with nadnut &
behind the scenes at the previous photoshoot:

Was suppose to meet her at 11am.
Woke up at 10am - too late to rush.
Smsed her say i just woke up, will be late.
Changed our meetup time to 12pm.

By 12pm, i was still at home. I wonder what i was doing that made me so late!

I reached our meeting place at 1pm.

Luckily she had the photographer to accompany her, or else i think she would kill me. Haha. I had several photoshoots with this photogrpaher in the past and the pics turned out good, so i brought nadnut along to have some shots too. The photographer also doubles up as a fun friend :)

Cafe Cartel.
The Food Sucks.

Many people have told me that but i was thinking: "how bad can it be." When i finally tasted it, it's really bad.

The baked rice was as though they forget to put salt or other seasoning. It's like rice, chicken on top, put a piece of cheese, and bake. Totally bland taste leh! Rice was more like hard and dry.

I dont know about her fish rice but she seems happy. Makeup afterwards and due to studio not being available that early, we went shopping! With the photographer grumbling while tagging behind us. lol.

Stopped for Popiah. The two of them cheated me into eating one piece. they said it wasn't spicy, but actually it is VERY SPICY. Aaaaahh.

Finally for the photoshoot!

Candids by Nadnut.
Eyemakeup done by myself anyhow-ly! Haha. Using nadnut's mac black eyeshadow.
Nadnut's turn! She was a good poser :D

Contact lens or spects better? ^^

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