Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sponsored Advertorial:

Had a photoshoot with one of my favourite photographer at a studio afew days ago! Nadnut tagged along to do some shoots too :)

Had lots of fun, but i shall blog about that another day.

Pictures of the clothings i modelled in!

1) First piece was this! I think it will look cool with a black thick belt and a pair of oversized cool shades!

( Look at how short my legs are in this pic! Reveals how short i am already. Boohoo. )

(this pic below was candid so my face was horrible looking. Cropped it off!)

2) Second lovely piece is this! Also nadnut's favourite, it pronouces femininity!

I love the flowery design that is so girly, but yet not overdone.

Im loving it ^^

3) The last piece is my favourite piece out of the lot! Because i have short legs, this short mini dress makes them look longer! I love how sweet the dress is! Little flowers and lovely details at the top and bottom.


(i love this picture)

If you are wondering where to get these lovely pieces, you can get them from http://myglamourplace.blogspot.com/ !

Not a livejournal shop but the layout is somehow like it. I love the neat way they list their collections and how we can look at all the pieces just from the cover page. I just viewed their recent collections and afew pieces caught my eye. I want!


Another thing about this shop is that they are so professional, you dont have to worry about non-proffessional mannerism from them. Even their pics are taken by real photographers with dslr and models in studios! Look at how much hardwork they put. It's not just afew clothings dumped into a website.

Although it seems like all the pieces i chose spells sweet, there are still a wide variety of styles available if you dont like being sweet. Maxi dresses, elegant, glam, florals, simple, plain, they have it all!

One fun shot to end this entry!


I think i look super funny up there. Hahaha.

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