Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Musee Platinum Tokyo


In today's entry, I shall be sharing my thoughts on a topic mainly for the ladies here.

All my friends know that I have a low tolerance for pain. Even eyebrow plucking is painful for me, so when I had bangs last time, I only went once every few months for plucking. Now that I am growing out my fringe, I have no choice but to go for regular trimming but instead of plucking, I always tell the beautician I prefer shaving. Then some of them will say 'aiya not pain one la' and then proceed to pluck my brows while I squeeze my fist in pain. Sigh.

Same goes for the underarms. I have always shaved because once, I tried plucking and it was so painful! Although plucking allows the underarms to be hair-free for a longer period of time as compared to shaving, I will always choose the latter as it is pain-free. (I totally cannot imagine the pain those girls who choose waxing go through!) But the problem with shaving, is that shaving has to be done daily, or at least once every two days. Sometimes I forget when I am late and rush out of the house. Those days are terrible because I would be extremely conscious about my underarms and try not to raise my hands. I am especially concerned about this issue because I am usually in sleeveless wear!

For quite a long time, I have considered doing IPL (intense pulse light) permanent hair removal for my underarms so that I could get rid of the inconvenience that has been bothering me for so long. I wanted somewhere that has unlimited treatments with affordable pricing, and was introduced to Musee Platinum Tokyo, Japan's No.1 IPL Hair Removal Salon.

I decided to try out the branch at Centrepoint. But they have also other branches in Singapore conveniently located at Plaza Singapura, Scotts Square, Bugis+, Westgate and Bedok Point!

First, my consultant brought me to a room and gave me a form to fill up, mainly to find out more about my health and skin condition before any services was done. After that, she explained to me what to look out for before and after the treatment, and also how it was done!

Really look forward to saying goodbye to underarm hair!

The treatment is done on a separate day. This is how the treatment room looks like! Unlike a spa with additional features such as relaxing music, light pot purri or silk linen etc, the room is very basic. Musee shares that in the beauty industry, all these overheads will go into the cost! Musee focuses ONLY on hair removal within an acceptably comfortable setting so they can pass ALL THE SAVINGS to you.

I also liked how there was a closet for us to put our belongings, and it comes with a key that will be worn on my hand throughout the treatment.

Changed into their robe in a basic but comfortable room. Clean blankets provided if you feel cold!

Laid down and she placed the shades over my eyes to protect it from the IPL. I really like how professional and well trained the staff are.

Afterwards, she applied some cool gel on my underarms and proceed to IPL. The gel gave a cold tingling sensation and the IPL was not painful at all! In fact, the whole session felt comfortable and I almost fell asleep even though it was so fast. After the gel was removed, she put some lotion on my underarms and I was good to go!

I really think IPL is such a savior for ladies. Duration only takes 3 minutes and pain is minimal. Another surprising thing is that unlike waxing and laser, it did not have any damage on my skin. No stubs, no red bumps! About a week after the treatment, I noticed some of my hair started to fall out. Felt very excited to go for more treatments and eventually make the hair all gone!

Most of all, I liked the service quality in MUSEE. I finally understand why MUSEE is so popular among women in Japan, to the extent that they are Japan's NO.1! Everybody knows that Japanese women have very high standards when it comes to beauty, so this really shows how good they are.

Now, the price!

During September the package i went for was the unlimited underarms package for SGD 38. NOW (from October onwards), you can have unlimited sessions for underarms AND BIKINI LINE for only SGD 38 at MUSEE! No need to go through troublesome regime anymore. Just SGD38 ONCE for beautiful underarms AND bikini line. If you are still shaving or waxing, it’s time to switch! Permanent hair removal means that after all that treatments, I don’t have to spend money and time on removing unsightly hairs on my underarms (now, plus the bikini line) anymore!

For students, the promotion is even better. Only until 31st October, students can enjoy half price! Unlimited underarm session is only SGD24, plus a free cute shaver! Just like the facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/MUSEEPLATINUMTOKYO), book for free consultation, and bring your student ID to enjoy this promotion! If only there was something like this when I was still schooling.... $24 is really super worth it! Hurry!

Just call now and say bye to uncomfortable days! http://www.musee-pla.asia/


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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Triple Date at The Boiler

Many people around me thought that my favourite is chicken. But actually, I LOVE SEAFOOD! I can never resist seafood, especially crabs, prawns, lobsters, etc! This is why I was extremely excited when Carrie invited us to have some of those at the newly opened The Boiler, which is a Southern American-inspired seafood joint that serves up fresh seafood in Cajun style known as seafood boil.

Located at Tai Seng, the industrial themed interior really fits its location. There was quite a crowd when we were there!

It's a triple date!!

The signature beerita above looks interesting but tame o' lemonade for me! Hehe.

The couple: Skai and Nad, or more known as Nadskai. Haha.

Another couple: Leon and sweet Fidelis!

And of course, us!

Excited for seafood!

Food served on our table. Don't know which one we should start with because everything looks so good! We started with the starters (heh) of wings. Also had fish and chips. Leon was exclaiming non stop about how much he loves the chips, which are definitely not your usual chips.

We decided to pour everything on the table and have it messy! This is the Boiler's Duo Bag, which includes Prawns, Mussels, Clams, Sausage, Corn, and bun.

The highlight for me were the LOBSTERS!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. The meat was fresh and very yummy!

The prawns were also fresh, and plump!

Crab from the Bombdiggity Bag! I highly recommend this bag because really, crabs are the best!

The girls :)

Oh! I also gotta share this! There is currently a promotion where the lobsters are going at only $49!!! Such a steal!

Mind you, they are huge and very meaty inside!

Don't you want some of this??? The people at The Boiler serves their seafood in homemade sauce, and there are three options to choose from! Garlic Butter sauce won majority of the votes on our table, while I personally liked the Peppa Butter most! For those who prefer it spicy, may like the hot choice of The Works, which was tasty too! The buns that came with the duo bags and bombdiggity bags went great with the sauces!

Dessert to end the hearty feast!

It was really fun chatting over good food with these peeps! Nowadays we talk a lot about house and renovations and whatsnot!

And like how The Boiler says it, THIS IS HOW WE ROE!

18 Howard Rd
#01-06, Novelty Bizcentre
Singapore 369585

Tel: +65 6635 1285

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Braces - Importance of having an Orthodontist

An update on my braces.

Just wanna say I feel thankful that my braces journey with TLC Dental Centre has been a pleasant one so far. My lifestyle wasn't compromised because of my choice to wear braces, and I wasn't too restricted in terms of my daily diet. I could still eat my favourite food like fried chicken and all that very easily. Best thing is, ceramic braces allowed me to still look good in photos - it wasn't too obvious in most of my pics!

Can't wait to finish my braces term and emerge with beautiful teeth and smile! So far my front teeth is quite straight already, just waiting to close the extraction gaps and align I guess.

I just went to have my teeth tightened and had a discussion with Dr Enrica Sham about the difference between having an Orthodontist and a regular Dentist to work on your braces. An Orthodontist is one who have received additional years in advanced specialty training and generally have more knowledge and experience in braces and fixing patient's teeth and jaw alignment. This is very important for braces because you definitely want someone who can ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment that is best suited for individual needs.

Specialists tend to be more efficient at achieving the best results and having braces done at TLC Dental Centre ensures that. You will also meet Dr Enrica Sham on every single braces appointment, so you have the same person who knows best about your teeth throughout the journey. Well, at least to me, I feel more assured.


9 Penang Road #07-27
Park Mall
Singapore 238459

Phone: (65) 6338 6639
Website: http://www.tlcdental.com.sg/aesthetic-braces/

To read all my entries featuring my braces journey, click HERE.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happiness is a good meal

One of my personal pet peeve, is ordering the wrong dish. (This pet peeve is quite sad, because it is caused by myself, hence I can't really blame anyone else for it, unlike usual pet peeves)

You see, lunch and dinner only comes one time each per day. There's no undo button for you to rewind time and re-order something better. Many times, I go to a restaurant, make a wrong choice, and feel unhappy throughout the meal because the food didn't meet up to expectations. I don't think I am a picky eater, and I don't really have high standards when it comes to food. Mcdonalds and KFC makes me happy!

What makes me really unhappy about a bad meal is 1) money wasted on lousy food 2) tummy wasted on lousy food.

When food turns out bad, there's only two things one could do. 1) Re-order. Re-ordering means that you have to pay twice the amount for 1 meal, plus either waste food or eat too much because you tried eating both dish. And this is why I always do number 2) Bobian eat and feel sad about wasting one meal chance.

Well, I guess most people don't really think so much when they eat. Haha. Not nice then not nice lor, no need to feel sad. But I don't know why I always feel upset when I waste my "meal"!

That day, I had lunch with bf and his friends at a steakhouse and because most of the items are beef, I didn't have much choice and ended up ordering chicken chop for myself. Terribly wrong choice because the chop is breastmeat! Actually I don't understand why this particular restaurant uses chicken breast for chicken chop. Most chops are made of thigh meat! Chicken breast is especially dry and tough, not suitable for such dishes at all. The shrimps on top was a nice consolation.

After lunch, bf and his friends went to a dive shop to pick out new items and they shopped for a really long time. I was so bored! Haha. He spent a longer time in one dive shop than I do in the entire Bugis Street!

Wore this tee from www.earthdoll.co and paired it with my favourite black skirt. The top is made of lightweight material, perfect for Singapore's warm weather, and kept me comfortable while waiting for my bf's slow shopping! I really like the trendy range of apparels available on www.earthdoll.co. Do check it out! Remember to also quote '15off' upon checkout to receive 15% off! 

My current favourite red bag. Pairs well with any outfit!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Oktoberfest at Azur

Saturday, September 20, 2014

fArt tArtz

When bf first said he wanted to bring me to Farttartz for our weekend date, my mind was thinking "what Farttartz I don't want". The name wasn't very nice but I went to search it on Instagram and realized it was the cafe that serves flower dessert which I saw on a magazine and wanted to go! Haha.

We ordered all these. Honestly at first I had very low expectations of the food because I thought it would be just a fanciful cafe with mediocre food. But I was wrong!!!! The food was quite yums!

Especially the Grilled Hot Wings. I am actually craving for it right now!

Bf ordered sandwiches.

And I ordered Pepper Chix Linguine which came in a jar! This cafe is really all about visual pleasantness, I like! And I have to say, the pasta was not dry at all and it was tasty. I am not usually a pasta person but I enjoyed the entire jar.

Never thought much about fruits infused water before but that day I had it and felt quite inspired. Like quite easy to make at home leh. Throw in grapes strawberries berries and mint leaves. Sounds like an easy way to healthy drinking! It tasted good, didn't stray too far from how plain water taste and it felt quite nice eating the sweet fruits inside too. Plus, look so pretty!

For desserts, we ordered a jar of Strawberry Shortcake. IT WAS SO GOOD. The berries, the cream that wasn't too sweet and the crumbs were a good combination.

Again, the presentation makes instagram-worthy pictures! Haha.

And the highlight of the meal was........ the flower dessert! It's actually mud tart, and the flavour we chose was orange-something. I actually wanted oreo because it had the sunflowers but the selections of orange-something one didn't have them. The service staff was very nice to change the flowers when she knew i preferred these instead of the original ones :x

Isn't the flower pot dessert so cute?!!!

Besides the visually appealing food, I liked the flowery decor too.

I want a panel of flowers like this in my house next time! Would be such a pretty backdrop!

Love the gardeny theme!

It was an awesome lunch but dampened by bf's grumpy mood. One minute he's sweet and another minute he's pekchek. Tsk!

But he surprised me later by secretly buying another flower dessert and hiding it in the car. Ok la I happy after that. Haha

OOTD picture! Green floral top from www.earthdoll.co! It is exactly the same top I wore to Bintan, just different colour. Haha.

Bf and me have been taking turns going overseas for the past few weeks so we haven't had a proper weekend date for a long time. Can't wait for our next one!