Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bunny Buns & Art of Mid Autumn 2014 at Xin Cuisine

Pink Bunny Buns! So cute! As mid-autumn festival is nearing, me and bf went to the mooncake event at Takashimaya awhile back to buy mooncakes for each other's family. Saw these adorable buns and couldn't resist getting a packet! The shop was also selling normal round ones, which are the exact same thing as these, at around half the price but I chose the bunnies because they're cuter. I'm a victim of packaging. Haha.

There were so many stalls and it was a difficult choice to make. We finally decided to get from Tunglok and bf got us double yolk, red and white lotus paste mooncakes.

Also saw these unique ones, in the form of Chinese Chess set and Mahjong tiles!

I was recently invited by Xin Cuisine located at Holiday Inn Atrium, for a mooncake wine pairing appreciation session. I fell in love with the packaging!!!! The "bag" case is so pretty! Even the normal rectagular box looks good too.

Packaging aside, we also tried the wide variety of flavours available - both traditional and snowskin.

I usually go for traditional white lotus with yolk for mooncakes but that night, I was impressed mostly by the fruity snow skin ones! The peranakan durian snowskin mooncake deserves a special mention because it was so good I couldn't stop myself from having more than one piece. My personal favourite for that night was the refreshing passionfruit. I am normally not so adventurous to try the different flavours but I am glad I did for Xin's mooncakes. Unlike most sweet food, these did not make me feel jelat. In fact, I wanted more after each slice!

These are the wines we paired with. It was a good combination and something different from the usual chinese tea which are more commonly paired with mooncakes.

If you have not gotten mooncakes for your family, I do recommend Xin Mooncakes for their quality. For those people who prefer it to be not too sweet, Low Sugar white lotus paste traditional mooncakes are also available here.

Photo with lovely ladies Carrie and Flora :) Nadia and Jacelyn were also there so it was a good catching up session over mooncakes and wine!

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