Saturday, September 6, 2014

Nuffnang Bloggerati

Last weekend, I attended Nuffnang's Bloggerati launch party and to my surprise, I was the 2nd one to reach!!!! I am usually the last few to arrive so being the first few is quite a highlight-of-the-night thingy for me. Hahaha. Felt so accomplished! If only I am punctual more often.

With Fioloh, the first to arrive.

Since we were early, we decided to explore the activities before the rest! Took some photos at HelloStranger's photobooth. I may love taking photos of myself but I am so awkward at posing alone.

My favourite shot was this one, taken much later when pretty Becks joined in! Love the magazine style overlay! My solo shots even had the words "Why Everybody Loves ESTHER", like a real magazine. Awesome!

Then, we went to Makethproject to make our personalized leather namecard holders!

Me and my final product :D

Love this! I could punch my names anywhere and i chose to put it in the middle, while Becks put it on the strap which is slotted in. So creative! If you are keen to do something like this too, you can email to!

Went to interrupt Qiuqiu while she was busy eating and grabbed a photo. Hehe :)

Pretty table setting with plants from Fionatreadwell!

Took this lovely pot home ^_^ Love how low maintenance it is! Haha.

With Amantha!

And Ben and Randy!

And Madeline!

Basically I just spent the night taking many photos! Took one with Huiwen too but didn't turn out very nice.

After listening to Bossming's talk about Bloggerati, we had a group photo taken! Do you know all of us in the photo? :)

Top row: Noelboyd, Randyys, Typicalben, Bongqiuqiu, Yutakis, Sophiewillocq, Shiberty, Misstamchiak, Cheekiemonkies
Mid row: Fioloh, Estherxie, Yinagoh, Melissakoh
First row: Becksko, Speishi, Xiaxue, Evonnz.

Rachell left early so she wasn't inside the pic!

This is my OOTD of the day to end this post! :) Really excited about the launch of Bloggerati!

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