Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I received a pretty package just recently!

It is a Memory Locket that I customized with Ztyle.Co! There are choices of keychain, necklace, bracelet, or dust plug, and I chose keychain. Just thought it would be really nice to have a pretty personalized locket attached to my keys! Anyway, if I want to use it as a necklace, I can also easily change it myself as the top pin attached with the clipse hook can be changed. How awesome!

The memory locket has two sides. I chose 30mm stainless steel silver crystal keychain; comes in gold as well as heart shape! For the front, there is mini photo 13mm of myself in the middle, and my name embossed on a 22mm silver stamping plate. In additional, I also chose three floating charms to be inside the locket - Love, Flower, and a pink Crystal. Really liked my selections!

At the back, is a 22mm photo of myself. You can put photos of your baby, pet, or boyfriend too!

Best thing is, although it's a customized item, it only takes 3-5 business days before item is shipped out. Many people have done their lockets with Ztyle.Co and you can view the gallery in the website for inspirations on the kind of design you want :)

Also, the locket can be open at the side to add or remove charms! There is a wide variety of charms to choose from on, I am sure you will be spoilt for choice just like me.

Here's a special promotion code for you readers!

Quote "EstherZtyle5" for 5% off orders above $50/- from when cart out. Besides customizing for self, I think that it can also be a very meaningful gift for friends or the other half!

Check out now for customized lockets! Follow them on Instagram @shopztyleco or too!

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