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Bintan Trip - Part Two

Read part one:

The next morning, we went downstairs for breakfast at Lotus Cafe! I don't usually eat breakfast but it is the thing I look forward to the most on holidays! It's such an awesome wake-up motivator. Haha.

I loveeeeeeee egg stations! I usually will order sunny side ups. And then I will ask for either scrambled eggs or omelette. That day, I ate all three types! Was tempted to order soft-boil eggs too (rarely hotels will serve this for breakfast!), but didn't in the end because I couldn't find the black sauce. Eggs overload! Haha.

Croissants are my favourite type of bread. Love the buttery taste!

With happy mum! The other bloggers are probably still sleeping...... Haha.

Afterwards, we went back to our room to relax the morning away! Here's how the exterior of our accommodation looks. They roomed us at level 4, the top floor!

The interior of our room!

You know what is the thing I love most about our room? The seafront view!!! When you see the side, you see the swimming pool.

When you look straight ahead, it's the big ocean and some trees. What a fantastic view to wake up to! I kept sending photos to dad and sis who were back home.... Make them jealous! haha.

Took an instavideo!

I can just sit here whole afternoon looking at the beautiful view~

A photo of my Juicy Couture bag which I brought along to this trip for bringing my necessities around!

OOTD time again - Top is from (retail store at Bukit Panjang Plaza #03-21). I was attracted to the interesting cut-off sleeve! I also felt that a floral top would be really apt for a beach holiday! :D

Took some photos around the premises for your reference~! I think that the entire place is very serene and peaceful, perfect for a weekend getaway!

Pedicure by Millys! First time after so long doing a pedicure after breaking my toe nail last year. Finally grew it back!

Oh, we also spent some time at the pool! I saw photos of the pool on other websites and really liked it! Reminded mum to bring along a swimsuit because we definitely must take a swim in it! Although I don't really know how to swim.... Hahaha. I just soak myself in the water..... quite shiok too! I must really go learn how to swim.... It's an important life skill! Plus, I am tired of standing in water all the time too. Haha.

The towels were heated up before distribution, which I feel is really thoughtful and nice! I like the feeling! If only my towels at home can auto heat up before my usage too :x Or if I have a maid next time I get her to iron just before I go for a bath.... Haha. Just kidding of course. Maybe by then towel-heating machines are easily available already.

Before the trip, I bought this waterproof cover so that I can bring my phone together with me and take photos in the pool. It was an awesome buy because if not I wouldn't have all these photos to post!

But the problem is, because I bought it online and it only costs $4.90, I was quite skeptical about it's waterproof reliability. I didn't dare to put it all the way into the water and still hold it above water even when I am not taking photos.... Haha. Anyway, even if I dare also no use.... because I cannot put my whole face inside water to take pics because 1st, I have makeup on. 2nd, I didn't want to ruin my makeup so that I can take more photos. 3rd, I can't control my breath under water. Lol.

Took loads of photos..... Hahaha. I am not really swimming. Just taking photos inside swimming pool :x

With Carrie!

Us in our favourite corner! There are seats in the pool with bubbles and it was really comfortable! Was so reluctant to leave!

All good things come to an end and it was time to say goodbye to the amazing weekend at Angsana Bintan.

Many thanks for Angsana Resorts for hosting me at Bintan and thanks Nadia for referring me! :D I really enjoyed my time at Bintan and the new experiences too! Looking forward to more girly trips together!

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