Sunday, April 30, 2017

Wedding - Morning Highlights & Gatecrash

Almost two months since we got married and I finally managed to squeeze some time out to blog about the wedding! Will be sharing some photos of the morning highlights and gatecrash today but first, I wanna introduce the photographers - Kevin Ho Photography and Nine By SG Photography.

We had two because I was very worried about missing certain moments if we had only one photographer. It's always good to have different angles to choose from! After all, it's a one-in-a-lifetime event. Both finished editing the photos and returned to me in less than a month, so that's awesome too!

Kevin Ho Photography

We had Kevin Ho as our main photographer and it was one of the best decision we made for the wedding. I knew right from the start that I want vibrant, bright photos for the wedding and his style was exactly that. I was very impressed when I saw his portfolio for the first time. From the selection of photos he chose to feature, I could tell that he had good aesthetic sense, someone who knows all the right angles and photo composition. The photos were all visually pleasing and his brides looked radiant and pretty!

Leading up to the big day, whenever I had some wedding practices that I'm unsure about, I'd ask him and he'd always promptly reply and help even though some of the questions are really irrelevant to photography.

He has been active in this industry for almost a decade, and his experience really showed on our big day. I liked how he was always around without being intrusive... Whenever I needed a photo taken, he was there. Besides being professional and initiative, he was also very friendly and engaging throughout. We felt very comfortable around him!

Best thing is, his rates are very affordable compared to all the big names! Check out his website here:

NinebySG Photography

I was introduced to Shan and Garrick by my dear friend Fidelis and I'm glad we got them to be our secondary photographers! As you may have guessed, the SG in NinebySG represents Shan and Garrick, the couple behind the lens. So what about Nine? Nine is their vision to document the 9 stages in your life: Pre-birth/Pregnancy, Birth, Childhood, Teenage, Graduation, Adulthood, Marriage, Family, Old age.

They managed to capture quite a number of candid and intimate moments during my wedding! You can check out their photos below (those with watermark). I also like how detailed they are. Before the wedding, I gave them a list of 'must-shoot' scenes and they shot everything and more.

Aiming to provide beyond wedding photography, their services also include photo montage, aerial photography, as well as travel photography.

If you are a bride to be, you might be keen in their current promo: $1,500 for 8 hour pre-wedding photoshoot + 2 gowns + 2 makeup looks. Email to or whatsapp 91896355 to find out more!

More photos on

I'd be holding a giveaway with NinebySG soon, so stay tuned! I'd be posting on my instagram when I have more details.


Woke up before 4am to bathe and get my makeup done! I managed to get some sleep the night before even though many people say I'd be too excited to do so. I was determined to rest enough before the very important day! However, he gave me a call in the middle of my sleep and thereafter my sleep became very light and I drifted in and out of sleep for awhile before it was time to wake up already.

Am wearing a red bridal robe from Taobao which I purchased via Ezbuy (sign up using this link and get free $10 shopping credits).

I asked for curls and flowers for my morning look! We got the bridal bouquet from The Flower Godmother and so we requested for some fresh loose pieces for the hair too!

After make up is done, time to change into my morning gown!

Meanwhile, my pretty girls preparing for the gatecrash. Looking so radiant despite some of them waking up at 2am!

Pink bridesmaid dresses from Hollyhoque!

Some of the materials for the gatecrash. Can you guess what are the games we've planned for the guys? Actually, right from the start I already told my bridesmaids that I prefer a tame and meaningful gatecrash instead of those wild type because that's just not our style. In the end, our gatecrash was very mild, revolving around six stages of Good Husband Criteria!

A photo session with the girls which started out proper and ended up in giggles.

Time for my parents to cover the veil!

Still can smile because they don't know what's waiting for them up there. Hahaha.

Okay, now face all change liao. Hahaha.

We had 6 stages during the gatecrash and this is the first and compulsory one: 酸甜苦辣!

We didn't want to go too far and make them eat horrible stuff, so every single dish was edible, proper food on its own! In fact, I think they actually enjoyed the "breakfast"!

Sour: Citrus Fruit Mix, which is basically just Lemon and Lime cubes!

Sweet: Double Sugar Sweet Treat
These are puddings with additional sugar topping!

Bitter: Bitter Tea
Nothing special added, really just tea leaves and water.

Cheers! Can you spot someone who finished his cup before everyone else even started? Maybe very thirsty. Lol.

We were very nice so far right?

Spicy: Gourmet Spice Platter, which is just a fancy name for plate of chilli padi.

Fiona laughing evilly at the boys. Lol.

At least it's not a basket! Just one for each person!

Stage 2: 细心呵护

Simple game of passing red beans but with a twist! We often play darts with his friends, so we decided to have them throw darts to decide which utensil they get to use.

I got this dartboard from Taobao via Ezbuy too!

Penalty: Chicken dance!

It was a success with some sneaky tricks!! Luckily for them, the girls were very lenient and let them off because we were rushing for time.

Stage 3: Know Her Moods
This one is my favourite game out of all!

The reason why this challenge is so special and relevant for us is because our main mode of communication is the Line app and I frequently use these cute rabbit stickers. He is bound to recognize them! Out of the many different expressions available, we selected some for the groomsmen to mimic and let him guess which one it is from four pages full of rabbit expressions! It was so hilarious, I kept laughing in the room throughout while watching them on facetime!

Can you guess which one this is?

Stage 4 - 互相扶持

He threw the dart to decide how many steps he can take to reach the door. Being too ambitious, he managed to get a 20 point before he realize that's too many because he has to finish all 20 steps before reaching the end! More steps = more chances to step on a paper cup. Haha. One of his groomsmen gave a smart idea, to walk 10 steps on the spot so that he only have 10 steps left to get to the door, which is just nice!

Paper cups leading all the way to the front door.

His sweat-wiping-squad.

Nope, we are not done yet!

Stage 5: Give enough shopping money!
This was the last stage before they get to enter the house for the real final stage.

Looks like Fiona is pleased. Pass!

Stage 6: Express Your Love

The last stage is right infront of the room! The reason why we had this challenge is because he is not the sweet-talking type and it's one of the rare chance to make him say something! Hahaha. But we totally failed because he had to ask his groomsmen for ideas!! LOL. Really must pull his ear leh.

Happy groom finally gets to see his bride!

That's all for the morning highlights! While blogging these photos, all the memories from our special day came back. It was a very happy day for both of us!

We had the pleasure of collaborating with some amazing vendors for our wedding and I'm ever so thankful for the sponsorship and support given. Each of them made my wedding much better than I expected.

Actual Day Main Photography:Kevin Ho

Actual Day Secondary Photography:NinebySG


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Bridesmaid Dresses:Hollyhoque

Gowns and Suit:Seletar Broadway Bridal Studio

Groomsmen Outfits:Onesimplegown

Bridal Nails:Milly's

Wedding Essentials:Ezbuy
(Free $10 shopping credit)

Designs:Joanne Chia

Catering for Guo Da Li:Foodline
(Apply code FLEXWED38 for $38 off)

Wedding Favors:MacaronsSG

Bachelorette Party:Studio M Hotel

Venue Styling:Eventtually
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Candy Bar:The Lair Weddings

Flowers:The Flower Godmother