Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Two Sides To A Story

Today, I'd like to share my opinion about a topic related to the new Channel 8 primetime drama "Mightiest Mother-In-Law", which is mainly about the infidelity of a husband.

At first through the trailers I thought Paige Chua would be portraying a typical weak woman who end up being bullied by her unfaithful husband but refreshingly, she acts as a fierce wife which unfortunately pushed her husband to find comfort in the third party who is gentler and much more understanding.

This is the drama description lifted off Toggle:
Guan Shu Hui’s (Paige Chua) domineering ways causes a rift between her husband Qi Hong Zhe (Thomas Ong) and his family. Hong Zhe is unhappy with his wife but chooses to put up with her, until Zhou Ke En (Tong Bing Yu) enters his life. Ke En is pretty, intelligent and most of all, she listens to Hong Zhe’s problem and supports his dreams. Ke En also manages to win the approval of Hong Zhe’s family, leaving Shu Hui feeling helpless. Shu Hui’s estranged mother Lu Xiu Zhu (Chen Li Ping) steps in and tries to salvage her daughter’s marriage. Xiu Zhu tries to outwit Ke En who is actually a malicious and mentally unstable woman. How will the battle between the mightiest mistress and the mightiest Mother-in-Law end? Will Shu Hui be able to save her marriage?

So anyway, I've been following the drama up till episode 4 now, and she is indeed very overbearing on her husband and atrociously rude to her parents-in-law. But at the same time, my blood boil every time I watch this show because I know how the general audience, like the characters in the drama, probably sympathizes with the husband and puts all the blame on her for the failure of this marriage.

In my opinion, underneath that tough character is a caring wife, who probably took the husband's patience for granted.

Some examples:

- She is very stingy with the household expenses. Why? Because she care about saving for the family.

- She is very fierce, controlling and naggy. Why? Because she care about her husband and the family.

- She does her part to do the housework and cook dinner, etc. If she doesn't care, why would she do all this?

The only unacceptable flaw is that she is indeed very rude to her husband and family. It takes two hands to clap and I wouldn't say she shouldn't be faulted too.

But the husband has a part to play too.

- Over time, she gets more insecure and often confronts him unnecessarily. It's a very unlikable trait and probably annoys him very much but why? Because everytime she feels insecure, he brushes her off instead of reassuring her. Over time, things will just get worse.

- He has never voiced out to his wife about his displeasure. He is her husband and if he doesn't correct her, she will never know it affected him so much. It's extremely unfair to the wife in this case because she wasn't given a chance to rectify the issue as she didn't even know it was an issue! When she finally realize, it's too late because he has already fallen for the third party. This is the most frustrating part.

- He has never shown his appreciation towards his wife's merits.

- He has never wondered why the third party is so nice and kind and patient and understanding and gentle? Because she is not a wife, she doesn't have to worry if he becomes bankrupt, his future, his safety, etc. It's just so much easier to be supportive towards someone when the the consequences will not be shared.

- Also, he's extremely nice to the third party of course she will be nice back lah. In contrast, he is quite cold towards the wife at home.

- He did not do his part as a husband to reject a woman that is obviously throwing herself at him. Instead, he kept protecting her! That's just breaking the marriage even more.

People always look at a couple and assume the fierce one must be the bad one. But very often there are deeper stories if people can be more willing to look beyond the surface. Things add up and there are reasons for everyone's behavior. Worse thing is, people around him kept encouraging him to just dump the wife. Really, people should just shut up and stay out of other people's relationships.

Anyway, Paige Chua's acting has definitely improved with her two recent roles in this drama as well as the materialistic girl in 'Heroes'. I'm looking forward to the rest of the episodes! I love the comedic effect of Jeffrey Xu and Chen Li Ping's characters too!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hotel Jen Tanglin - J65 themed buffet from $55++ per pax

Right on the day we came back from our Europe trip, we went to Hotel Jen Tanglin for a Singapore themed buffet dinner! How apt it is to indulge in Asian food after so many days of western!

After my last visit to J65 which left quite an impression, I was really looking forward to my second visit because I was told that till May 2017, there will be five weekly themed spread at J65, namely the following~

- Sundays and Mondays: International Buffet $55++/pax
I went on a Sunday and the variety was satisfying indeed! Do scroll down to check out my review.

- Tuesdays: Colours of Asia $55++/pax
Specialties from various Asian countries including Malaysian, Indian, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Indonesian, Thailand, and many more! What interest me most is the extended alfresco stations serving my favourite Teh Tarik and other home-favourites!

- Wednesdays: Lobsters $65++/pax
Total regret for not choosing to come on a Wednesday! I loveeee lobsters! The huge selection includes Boston Lobsters to Mountain Lobsters to Slipper Lobsters, in various flavours like baked, curried, stir-fried, grilled, paella, etc and in various forms - even in soups and salads!

- Thursdays: Live Barbecue $65++/pax
I am a big fan of barbecue food so I think I will like this too!

- Fridays and Thursdays: Seafood Mania $65++/pax
This would probably be the most popular theme among diners, and most worthy for money too! Alaskan Crab, Mud Crab, Boston Lobster, fresh prawns, oysters, mussels and clams.

I wanna try all five! The best thing is, the buffet is reasonably priced and definitely worth it. J65 is definitely one of the best buffets in Singapore with the widest variety and delicious taste.

On the day I visited, there were plenty of local delights which I happily enjoyed.

The satay were grilled in small portions just before serving so that everybody can enjoy warm, yummy satay. The meat was tender and flavourful, even better paired with the sauce.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Making space in my wardrobe for more clothes!

Email to the-ice-angel@hotmail.com if interested.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Studio Prewedding Shoot

After sharing my prewedding photos from Korea and Melbourne, here's the rest from my studio shoot at Seletar Broadway! Showcasing 23 favourites out of the entire album! For this shoot, I only had three gowns but there were so many backdrops and each set up is a different feel!

Read about behind the scenes here: http://www.estherxie.com/2017/01/prewedding-studio-shoot-behind-scenes.html

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Melbourne Prewedding Photos

My prewedding shoot in Melbourne was significantly smaller scale compared to the one in Korea. We chose four locations in Australia - St Patrick's Cathedral, Parliament House, Brighton Beach, and Half Moon Bay. I wore two outfits - a white mermaid gown from OneSimpleGown and a casual white dress I got from Taobao via Ezbuy (sign up here and get $10 free voucher!).

Gone are the days when brides mainly depend on bridal studios for gowns and pre-wedding photography. Many brides now choose to go ala-carte, turning to online boutiques to purchase their dream gowns. Besides the comfort and convenience of shopping for gowns online, the main reason is definitely the affordability. Sometimes buying a gown online can be cheaper than renting from a bridal shop. Also, the variety of designs available online is wide and limitless.

But of course, there're also some concerns about purchasing gowns online. Here are some tips!

1) Usage

I recommend getting the actual day gowns from actual bridal shops, because usually the material and workmanship is better and the shop will have professional staff who can ensure the fit for you. Plus, you can try and make sure you really like it before paying. I wouldn't take the risk for such an important day! But I'm all for buying gowns online for prewedding shoots! In photos, any flaw is less likely to be noticed and even if the fit is not perfect, it can be edited. For example, if the fabric creases easily, it would be a disaster if you wear it during your actual day with all the guests present whereas it doesn't matter if it's only for photos as all these can be fixed with photoshop. The low price also means you can afford to get more gowns for your prewedding album!

OneSimpleGown is an online bridal shop based in Malaysia. As there are no rental and staff overheads, the gowns can be purchased at a relatively lower price compared to retail bridal studios! The gowns are all priced in Ringgit, so brides in Singapore can make use of the exchange rate and get a good deal!

2) Know your body shape

Try different types of gowns in bridal shops before attempting to purchase online. Sign up for a basic package at the bridal studio for their actual day gowns. While trying the different gowns, you will more or less know what is flattering for your body shape. Then buy something similar online. Try not to buy unfamiliar cuttings just because it looks good on the model.

There is a wide range of wedding gowns in all forms and colours on OneSimpleGown - mermaid, evening, and ball gowns; Off shoulder, long sleeves, plus size, etc. I had such a difficulty time deciding on one! You can filter the type and sort by price to easily narrow down your options. There are also accessories to complete the look. If you are hiring a freelance photographer, you may want to purchase 2-3 gowns to complete an album!

For me, I know that I look better in sweetheart bustier ballgowns but I had similar pieces for my Korea album already so I decided to go for something different. Afterall, I'm only going to use it for photos and I think the design I chose is also quite safe. Thank goodness the gown looked quite nice on me!

3) Check the measurements! When in doubt, purchase a size up and then alter accordingly.

I have a bigger bottom so to be safe, I took a bigger size and then used clips to tighten the loose areas. Generally non-zipper gowns can fit different body shapes easily by adjusting the ribbon at the back.

Alternatively OneSimpleGown has customization options so you just have to submit your measurements and the gown will be altered accordingly for the right fit! No need to worry about wasting money on an unwearable gown!

4) Purchase from a local shop that speaks your language. Make sure that you are able to find the contact information and do ask the staff some questions before purchasing to gauge if the owner is reliable.

Instead of making such a big purchase from a shop in a far away country with staff that doesn't speak English, OneSimpleGown's helpful staff is always readily available to answer questions about the fit, material, and style. They also have plenty of reviews by past satisfied customers so I know they are legit.

5) Remember to check the refund policy, shipping fee and duration!

OneSimpleGown.com guarantees the condition by checking every gown before delivery to customer. For deliveries to Malaysia and Singapore, it usually takes around 10-14 days.

I wanted to share some photos of the pretty gowns here but there are just too many. Enter the site to check out for yourself - OneSimpleGown!

I'm really glad I chose this piece! Something different from the other gowns in my album :)

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Korea Prewedding Photos

Finally sharing the pre-wedding photos!! My favourite set is the one from Korea, so I shall post it first! Here's 58 out of the 66 which we featured in our very thick album. It was so heavy that I almost regret not being diligent enough in removing more photos. We tried very hard to shortlist but we loved every single photo so much that we ended up keeping most of the initial selections.

If you are interested, I previously blogged about the the experience here: