Thursday, April 30, 2009

It was a stressful day for me today, because i have so much stuffs to handle. It doesn't help that some people reply messages so slow -.- There's so much uncompleted stuffs that i havent settled and i dont know where to start. Boo.

But still, it's great to have you back in Singapore again.
It's nice to know that you did miss me and even gotten some stuffs for me. It was so unexpected.


Argh, back to doing my stuffs. SO PEKCHEK!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Im feeling sick.... again!

I think it's because of the weather. It has been very hot recently dont you think so? My school is air-conditioned, and mum told me before that it's actually unhealthy to go from a very hot outdoors into a cold surrounding and from cold to hot. Or maybe it's the bubbletea i've been drinking too much of, or the fried chicken that i crave for everyday.

Im feeling a little bit giddy with headache, weak and feel like vomitting. I think it's the flu and fever. Even my eyes feel so painful i can't wear contact lens.

There are two events tomorrow and i would have to force those contacts in.

Hmm. I really regret not taking care of my eyesight when i was younger. I thought it would be fun to wear spectacles so i ignored mum's nagging to sit 3 metres away from the television and would always read books lying down. Now i really regret! I hope there's an eye-correction surgery in the future that is less scarier than lasik. I think lasik is scary! Imagine looking at the sharp blade carving your cornea because you can't possibly close your eyes or be put to sleep for an eye surgery. They say that it's safe but im always afraid of the possiblity that the blade would poke into the wrong point.

On a different note, i saw a cat at the voiddeck below grandpa's home and remembered something which happened afew months ago.

My flat was built away from the neighbourhood where all the people and shops are located (but still within walking distance. just not in sight), and all around my flat was just more flats and a lonely road. It's actually quite scary to walk to the flat alone at night because it's always dark and quiet. I always avoid looking up at other people's windows because im afraid one day there would be some red gown lady waving to me smiling =/ Im also afraid to go up the lift alone at night because i always imagine someone standing at the corner of the lift =/

But well, what happened, happened in broad daylight (but the place is still quiet in the morning). I alighted by the road, walked towards my flat and passed by a stray cat. THE BAD CAT CHASED ME!!! I was so horrified. I was so afraid that the cat would scratch me with its claws. I kept running and running but the cat kept chasing and chasing. I jumped over short pillar and thought i was safe but apparently i forgot that cats can climb and jump better than humans =x Luckily for me midway the cat gave up chasing. Oh my goodness. I dont know why the cat want to chase me lor! :(

I'm also afraid of birds! I once walked on a path and bird shit landed right behind me on the spot where i had stepped from. Luckily i was fast enough! Other than their shit, dont you think their beaks look scary? Im always afraid that one day afew birds would come and poke me with their strong beaks. Horror.

I like to look at cute puppies but i dont dare to carry them though.

I wished i was born loving animals more, because well, most guys prefer girls who "love animals".

I've even seen some girls who ACT like they love animals in front of guys when they actually hate it -.- wahlao, to me is, if you dont like it, say you dont like it. What if that guy suddenly buys a pet for you and you can't take care of it? That'll be even worse than him knowing right from the start that you are afraid of handling animals.

Oh well, on to much more happy stuff.

Met up with Ruoxuan and we watched 17again! Ruoxuan booked me to watch it together way before the movie even start screening in singapore.

Pictures with her! She has been such a good friend silently :)

Tell you, I think the pictures I take using flash look totally unlike me. That's why i like using flash. =P

I loved Zac Efron.
Now i love him a thousand times more.

Omg. I think he has the most electrifying pair of eyes! Even when he was looking so intensely at that beautiful mum on screen, i could feel his electric charming every single girl in the cinema.

I think he acted really well too. I think it's really amazing for him, so young, to act like someone with the mature mindset of a middle age man.

I love him.
And i think it's true love.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Last sunday was a great day out with the usual people :) After a tiring mass photoshoot in the morning and handling more than 24 photographers, we were damn hungry when it ended.

Called Sophia up early in the morning to join me, Roxanne, Derick and Chris who brought along his friend. Kaihui tagged along too! Big groups are always fun if they are the right people :D

The guys wanted to eat macdonalds so we accompanied them to eat at LiangCourt first. After everyone finished eating and chatted for quite some time, Zaki accidently moved his burger box and asked "eh, how come so heavy?"... Then he realised he had been busy chatting he forgot to eat his burger! lol. we ended up laughing at him for so long.

The girls and me were craving for udon so we left them there and went to eat udon downstairs! Agri told me before that the udon there is nice but actually it's not as nice as sushi tei's one.

Chris drove the others to wheelock starbucks while we girls took the cab. In the end we waited at starbucks so long for them! 7 person around one small starbucks table. haha.

I suddenly had the singing mood and so i convinced the others to go to Partyworld!

Roxanne is so high she danced. LOL.


Wahahah, that's why i say it's dangerous to camwhore using my camera. Actually got alot more act cute one lor! Im only posting one :D

It was great fun although deep down inside everyone was feeling a LITTLE bit emo =/

SakaeSushi for dinner!! When you feel like eating japanese but no money, then sakaesushi is the most economical price :)

I like this. I dont remember the jap name but anyway, i think it's just fried salmon.

Soft Shell Crab!!

Derick's one. Random picture. I dont even know what it is. Haha.

And his cold green noodle too. i dont remember the name as well. Tasted it and it was abit weird and bitter. Dont know why he like -.- But fiona told me before that it can help you slim down.

Fried tofu!! I LIKE!

Chawanmushi :D

Blue plate $1 only. But then i think of all the dishes on the belt only this dish is edible although it had alot of bones =x The rest just look funny.

Chatted alot! Even ended up sharing ghost stories. Dont even know how we ended up at that topic. haha.

I miss the holidays already :(

Sunday, April 26, 2009

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Mothers day is coming! What are you planning to get for your mum? Luckily, my mum is the type who will announce what she want way before the special date, so we always know what to get for her.

However, some mums are more humble and tend to say "dont want anything luh, dont waste your money." But im sure these mothers would still be pleased if you get something for them on Mothers day to show your appreciation for their love!

Wonder what you can get for her? I would suggest you to visit

I love the design of their jewellery. What's better, is that their prices are super reasonable and affordable! I see some of the good designs at only $20++! That's a very low price for homemade exclusive limited designs!

They are having promotion for Mother's Day now! Go get something for mum :)


Went out with my family 2 weeks back! :)

With my sister.. We look so different right!

Went to the graveyard to pay respects to our grandparents and greatgrandparents. It was alittle saddening.

Afterwards, we went over to vivocity and had our lunch right infront of the sea! Yes, me and sis sat on the floor. It was nice eating lunch in such a cooling place, although aircon would have been better.

She's so much taller than me :( Everyone always ask if she is the elder sister.

She did some funny face to me and i ended up laughing while she looked pretty pressing the shutter button.

Flowers. Random. Heh.

Sis is a tourguide!

Felt tired after walking around so we ended up soaking our legs at the rooftop.

Ya luh, i know that my foundation is uneven here.

Goodnight people!

Today is Daddy's bday, and we're celebrating it tonight.
** i forgot how old he is this year. oops =x

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stop ordering me around and demanding so much out of me, Bitch. Dont forget that im the one doing a favour for you, not the other way round.

I get so pissed off by people who ask me to help them, expect ALOT as if i can do magic and keep pestering me every single minute.

You are not even a friend. Why am i doing this for you. Grr.

Oh ya i also want to rant about some thickskin people who always dont help or give lots of excuses when you need them, then when they want to USE you for their own benefits, they come to you and ask blatantly for it as if they are offering something to me when it's obviously the other way round. Hello?? I dont believe in helping selfish people who only care about themselves.

Just received this picture from one of the photographers who was at the shoot i did in january. Love it!

(camera distortion make my feet so long again. tsk. )

Sponsored Advertorial:

CHAIN-IN is owned by 2 good friends of mine, and i love their blogshop as much as i love them!

The first thing i said when they showed me the shop was "wah, you all sell so low price?!!".

She replied that she rather sell it at low profit and have more supporters than mark up the price too high. Where to find such a great business woman!

For example, this VELVET material leopard high waist skirt, she's only selling at $16! I immediately bought from her of course! Who doesn't love velvet? Who wouldn't love that low price?? Wore it when i went to nuffnang dinner (in one of the previous entry).

modelled by my lovely roxanne.

The lovely girls specially picked this dress for me because they know i always wear this style! Love it luh! Wore it out but didn't manage to take full body pictures!

Their toga dresses were sold out within days! Not only it's beautiful, they only charge $21, which is inclusive of postage! They are left with only 2 pieces now, so it's a game of fastest fingers now.

modelled by pretty sophia!

There's also this lovely tube dress which enhances your curves. I like the top part. It comes in gold as well!

Do support my girl friends as much as you support me alright? :)
Love ya!