Wednesday, April 15, 2009


KTV SESSION 1 - With Chris and Gillian! Both of them are super free people. Haha.

KTV SESSION 2 - With Chris and Gillian as well!~ Haha. Love singing with them because they have very good ktv ethics! Everyone took turns and no one would hog on the mike for more than 2 songs each!

There was this song sung by "gu ju ji" which me and Gillian chose, which is a 10 or 15 minute song, comprising of many different songs sung together in one song. Chris gave a very funny look when the song continued more than 5 minutes and it seems like we were singing that song for very long. Lol. we end up bursting into laughters.

Had fun!

This time with sophia! We just finished eating lunch and thought of singing! :D Her singing is lovely!

With sophia and chris! Derick and his friend came to join in at the last part.

That's all for now. Im so happy that i've cleared 4 days of pictures in this entry. haha. Gotta rush to my sony event now. Goodbye lovely people!

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