Friday, April 3, 2009

Worked for M1 some time back at the ITshow, together with roxanne again! I dont mind the orangey dress but i hate the hat! Looks like shower cap lor!

Concidentially, my in-charge was my school mate! :D She's very nice leh.

Made some nice new friends. Coincidentially, one of the guys there was shunlai's good friend. Omigosh, he still remembers how i looked like 3 years ago! Luckily he also added that i look better now compared to last time. Phew!

Roxanne didn't wear makeup on the last day! i can never do that, especially when im at an event.

Shauna. Sharptongued! But actually very nice :D

She's like winnie lor, like to shoot people one. Haha.

Amaryllis. Couldn't remember her name throughout. Lol. She has this very straightforward character. I like!

Our "resting" area. heh.

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