Saturday, April 11, 2009

Im training myself to blog more quickly now! Im starting to get a reputation of "blogging about everything 3 months late" liao. Now everytime take pictures they dont want use my camera cos they say "if wait for esther to blog must wait very very very very long then can grab the pictures!"

And so, now i'll blog about yesterday's yesterday! Fast bah!

Met up with Roxanne and Sophia for lunch at Sakae :) Was thinking that my hair looked kinda weird, so i went over to JeanYip for a haircut. Now bangs! Love it lots. Now i see my old hair pictures i dont feel like blogging them out because they look so ugly!

Roxanne is always doing funny stuffs. haha.

Went to a couple of hotels to settle some plans. Wah, one of the hotel's suite was superrrrrrrrrrr pretty. If only my room looked that good.

I had to go over to DIGISKIN's event which nadia had invited me along. Roxanne and Sophia were so sweet to wait more than 2 hours for me while i was at the event!

Nadia and fidelis were there as well.

The food was lovely! Especially the prawns!

A gift from them, a crystal design book.

Lovely crystallised gadgets. Can last quite long, and the wrap is machine printed and vacumed onto the surface, that's why there wouldn't be bubbles underneath. I totally love these designs done by Digiskins!

I left the event soon after and we went over to SMU to watch the hairshow.

Went over to the washroom to camwhore. LOL.

Sophia bought this sexual truth or dare game. Hahaha, she didn't know it was sexual.

After awhile, we walked to plaza singapura and had Sophia's favourite HK cafe!

Me and roxanne. Bangs bangs~

Had a great day out with them!

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