Monday, April 27, 2009

Last sunday was a great day out with the usual people :) After a tiring mass photoshoot in the morning and handling more than 24 photographers, we were damn hungry when it ended.

Called Sophia up early in the morning to join me, Roxanne, Derick and Chris who brought along his friend. Kaihui tagged along too! Big groups are always fun if they are the right people :D

The guys wanted to eat macdonalds so we accompanied them to eat at LiangCourt first. After everyone finished eating and chatted for quite some time, Zaki accidently moved his burger box and asked "eh, how come so heavy?"... Then he realised he had been busy chatting he forgot to eat his burger! lol. we ended up laughing at him for so long.

The girls and me were craving for udon so we left them there and went to eat udon downstairs! Agri told me before that the udon there is nice but actually it's not as nice as sushi tei's one.

Chris drove the others to wheelock starbucks while we girls took the cab. In the end we waited at starbucks so long for them! 7 person around one small starbucks table. haha.

I suddenly had the singing mood and so i convinced the others to go to Partyworld!

Roxanne is so high she danced. LOL.


Wahahah, that's why i say it's dangerous to camwhore using my camera. Actually got alot more act cute one lor! Im only posting one :D

It was great fun although deep down inside everyone was feeling a LITTLE bit emo =/

SakaeSushi for dinner!! When you feel like eating japanese but no money, then sakaesushi is the most economical price :)

I like this. I dont remember the jap name but anyway, i think it's just fried salmon.

Soft Shell Crab!!

Derick's one. Random picture. I dont even know what it is. Haha.

And his cold green noodle too. i dont remember the name as well. Tasted it and it was abit weird and bitter. Dont know why he like -.- But fiona told me before that it can help you slim down.

Fried tofu!! I LIKE!

Chawanmushi :D

Blue plate $1 only. But then i think of all the dishes on the belt only this dish is edible although it had alot of bones =x The rest just look funny.

Chatted alot! Even ended up sharing ghost stories. Dont even know how we ended up at that topic. haha.

I miss the holidays already :(

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