Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Would u rather be born rich but stupid and ugly,
or born pretty but poor and stupid,
or born clever, but poor and ugly?

Isaac, Benjamin and Alfred and their friend came over to visit me at the restaurant im working at just now! So paisei lorrrrrrrrrrr. While chatting i asked isaac why he look so tall today, turned out it's because everytime i meet him i always wear very high heels, but this time im in flats. Haha.

Went to meet Arthur one last time afew days ago before he sets off for taiwan! It's tonight, and he just made a call saying he's going to fly already! :(

It was a simple (messy) dinner and we watched "Paul Blart Mall Cop". Funny show.

After the show accompanied him while he smoke.
Saturated the picture because my lips were damn red. It always get red when im sick and it makes my lips thicker than it already is. tsk.

He kept making stupid mouth poses, i had to cover his mouth.

He's looking forward to the pretty girls in taiwan! haha.

Had Dintaifung and watched Confessions of a Shopaholic with Alvin some time back! Love the show :D Even Alvin thinks it's nice, and alot of my male friends liked it too!

Reflection picture to show my lovely hair from Milly's! :D It was just after i re-extended them so i was uber excited and took this reflection picture! Haha.

Another movie with Kelvin recently. It's "ai dao di"/L.O.V.E. I love the show but kelvin looked like he was about to fall asleep. Haha.

I love the show because it has my favourite boys in it. When guys like WANGZI and XIAOMA appeared in the last story, the cinema had alot of girls going "AAAAAHHHHH~" and "WOOOOOOH" .. Heh, just can't stop being excited whenever i see these cute guys.

Isn't he just too cute to resist? Gosh.

There are other parts in the movie that are equally good :) It's actually 4 love stories in one movie. Each story have their own meaning. The first 3 are all very touching and meaningful. The last one which featured the cute guys was just funny.

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