Friday, April 10, 2009

Was out whole day with Sophia and Roxanne yesterday! Did so many things, rushing here and there, and midway attending another event with nadia and fidelis, while the other 2 sweeties waited for me. Will blog about the day soon, after sophia send me the other pictures. My camera died towards the end, boo.

And guess what i did. I had a bad hair day yesterday, and so i walked into jeanyip, and then from just wanting to blow my fringe to make it better, i went to ask the hairstylist to cut bangs!!!

Now i look like this. Pardon my dry lips. I seldom put on my lipstick & gloss unless i really have to. It's sticky and plumps up my already very thick lips, and i hate it. Why isn't there lips-shrinking glosses out there? Everywhere i go i see glosses with lip-plumping effect.
(oh ya, in this picture you can see my lazy eye! unlike most people, my eyes doesn't open up fully naturally, unless im looking up, or staring at things, or stretching my eye open. But if i do that while walking around, i'll look like some ahsiao. )

I kinda like it though :D But im very very sure i'll hate it when the wind or rain comes. I hate gaps in bangs!

I dont have to trim my eyebrows anymore! I am always too lazy to trim, usually i'll let it grow until too hideous already then i pick up the scissors.

And and and, i look like i have a super round face now.

Anyway, im damn irritated by a couple of strangers on my msn, who unfortunately kena the virus while automatically sends out messages like "Oh, i saw your hot pictures at xxx" or "Here's a zip folder of me drunk and making out, shhhh, dont tell anyone! " or "hey share with you some sexy girls doing striptease at this page, just go to xxx "

-.- Their messages keep sending to me every 5 minutes! Wahlao, i feel like blocking those people.

On another note, do check out the Divazelle banner at the top of all my entries :)

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