Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Im a happy girl - When im Offline.

My schedule is so packed!
I have events and girly days out with my babes back to back everyday for the past couple of weeks and i still have upcoming ones!

Woooosh. I love this life.
I ought to treasure it because i'll be going back to school next week, which means lesser time for freedom because school's going to take up most of my time. I'll have more time to face the internet world, and i have to spend some time clearing and blogging those hundreds of pictures from my camera. I've been taking alot of pictures after having bangs. I love my bangs! Most people think i look better with bangs too, except for a couple of critics on this blog.

How i wish i can just quickly graduate from my final year in poly and start working! I hope i can get a freelance job, or somewhere with flexible timings. Im so excited just thinking about not having to waste time in school doing boring stuffs, just outside earning $$ and spending them!

The internet in this internetcafe is super slow and the keyboards are so tight and it makes it very hard to type cos i have to press each button as hard as i can and im getting tired from pressing so hard after typing only afew paragraphs, so, im saying byebye now~

Oh ya, im playing SORORITY LIFE on facebook now so if you are on my friendlist and you play that game, add me into your house/join my house cos i need more sisters so that i can fight the other groups and earn more! If you dont play that game go play it now because it's fun! I keep winning the fights and earning alot of money and buying lots of branded stuffs for my sorority sisters. How i wish i can earn money that fast offline!

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